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serious security fail

Two member accounts with the same email

I am a Dell site customer 

This gives me access to their forum, without any other registration.

From another computer, wanting to connect to the Dell forum, I click on the Google logo thought to identify me as well.

In fact he's recreating a new account.

my google email address and Dell its the same, So unique is a single same address in the database

So I can not connect with my first account I lost access to my account in the forum and that of the Dell site (think of the professional account who have orders in progress, they will lose all traces of their data)

How is it possible, that the forum script to let add two user with the same email?

I should have been warned that my email is already used

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Inactive User

Thanks for reaching out.

Regarding Dell, they use an SSO (Single Sign On) provider which can cause this issue if the SSO token has been changed on their side.

If the token has been changed then our platform would treat you as a new user (including using the same email address due to SSO configuration).

I believe one of the community help team has reached out to you through PM to let you know to reach out to the Dell community management team.

They would be the best people to reach out to so they are aware of this and then they can reach out to our support team if there is an issue with the authentication.


Manager, Technical Support (Community)

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