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unable to find Signature section

Hi, Few of our users are not able to see the Signature section when they go to My Settings -> Personal Profile -> Personal Information. what could be the reason?

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There is a specific permission linked to signatures. Do all user roles have this set to Grant?


Senior Community Manager | Strava

Hi Esri,

where can i find these specific permission options ?

If you open Admin and select the Users tabs then you can either set this at the default role level or set it at a specific role level if you don't intend to set this for everyone. 

The User Profile permissions settings is about how half way down the list of permissions you can set. I find it easier just to use Ctrl F on the page and type signature to locate it. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Can you kindly share with me the steps or any screenshots

1. Open Admin and navigate to the Users/Defaults tab:


2. Locate 'User Profile' permissions for 'Signature' on this page [ctrl F Search for Signature] or scroll down the page:


3. Ensure the Use a signature is set to Grant for everyone [Default user] or Update your custom roles [Switch to the Roles tab and select edit for a custom role you've created] and as needed to mark this permissions as 'Grant':


Senior Community Manager | Strava

These settings are already enabled, still the users are not able to see the 'Signature' section


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Sorry I don't have any other suggestions. Maybe someone else has seen this issue and knows how to resolve or it requires a support case. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Yes, a user's signature will appear at the bottom of every type of content (blogs, ideas, TKB, forum, user group) and comments.


There is a setting to enable signatures in the Admin console.

Discussion Styles > Posts & Topics > Posts Display


There are also 2 related user permissions for using signatures.


Do you have these settings enabled and a signature associated with your account, but it still isn't displaying on posts? If so, the issue could be that there is an issue in the design. We had an issue in the past where there was CSS hiding the signature / cutting it off.


I hope this helps!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Me too

Hi leppert48

what are the other 2 user-related permissions for using signatures ?

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