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users with same sso id

I have two users (same person) two different email addresses but both have the same sso ID. I need transfer the account history into new account but because the sso id is the same it won't work. should I just change the ssoID on the old account so when they log in with new account the transfer will take place? Of course this is after I create the dupe account on the new account. Thanks!

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You've got the right idea. Since you can't merge accounts, you'll have to swap the SSO IDs in the Mod Tools -> Edit Users tab.

Start with the "new" account that the user doesn't want to keep. Edit its SSO ID to append something to the end- "dupe" is the suggestion.

On the "original" community account, edit the SSO ID to match the previous setting of the new account. That way, when the user logs in with their new credentials, they'll land in the original account with all of their activity.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thanks Drew. what if the sso id is the same already on both old and new accounts? will my adding a dupe to the new account having the same sso id work? or do I need to change the old account so the sso id is unique? Does this make sense?


If the SSO ID, as sent from your IDP, is identical for both the old and new accounts, then there's no action required on the community admin side. The community account will [should] update itself to use the new email address.

If anything is different in the SSO ID, including text case, they'll be connected with a new community account.

What happens when this user logs in?

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Hi Drew, I am not totally sure. This user ended up with like 5 new accounts, i finally removed them all and ended up with one with email address of old account and one with the email address with the new email address. At this point is when i noticed the sso id was the same on both and wasnt' sure if it would work if I did the following:

New account: add "dupe" to both username and ssoID

Old account update username to new and add leave sso ID since its the same anyway. 

Make sense? Thanks again!


I'm not sure how new community accounts are being created if the SSO ID is identical for each of them. That's not how it's supposed to work 🙃

I'm inclined to suggest checking in with your TAM or with Support just to make sure everything is in working order.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

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