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using tags

So I read the difference between tags and labels and it seems clear. It does seem that tags are an available capability, the issue I am facing is I cannot seem to add a ta to an article... and I also don't see where I would filter by tag (just by label).


I did find this article, but its not available to me:


The only thing I see on the edit page is on the right, a box that has "Search" and Tags". But the Search thing is not helpful for creating a custom tag, and when you click "Tags", it has a pre=-existing tag int here, and no way to create a new one.




Thank you!


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Hi Kyle,


I see that you have opened a separate case with Support on this and we'll reply to you there.


Kind regards,




You add tags to a TKB article after the article is published, not during the creation process. This isn't the most convenient process. Please see an idea for changing this here: add tags during TKB article creation


As for your other question -- did you receive an answer for how to do this? Perhaps adding a Tag Cloud component to your TKB page layout in Studio would allow you to filter by tags.


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Wow, why is everything locked down on your site??  I went through the registration process and I still can't access any guides???  All I'm looking for is some info on tagging (and the tagging user settings) and macros (and macros user settings) that I can share with someone that's asking on a lithium community I frequent  All my google results bring me back here, yet everything is locked down.  Why is all this stuff protected content?  Is there some publicly available user guides for Lithium and user settings somewhere?

Hi srlawren,


The information you're looking for can be found on the community help page, please see the sections on posting and tagging  You'll also find this page on your community, although the location of the Help link may differ according to customizations of the community layout, and you may need to be logged in to view the link.  I will send you a PM with the Help page URL for your community, but you should reach out to your own community for further help with the issue.





Thank you for the quick response, @biancam, and for the PM with the community-specific info.  I have passed along the information to the community member that had asked.  


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