Community & Social meet-up - Scotland

Hi everyone, we were running some meet-ups in Scotland for a while but didn't really do any last year for a combination of reasons. 

I'm keen to kick-start them again. 

I'd like to run a bigger meet-up every few months, with a more informal regular meet each month. 

Would be great to hear if anyone is interested in general. And with our small pool in Scotland, am very keen to get others from further afield to come along too. Especially those a bit closer in Northern England. 

Also, I've been talking to various contacts about topics for the bigger meet-up and at the moment am considering a focus on Education & Tech & Social. i.e. use of technology and social/community in the education space. 

I'll be down for the London event next month, so if anyone would like to talk more about any of this, especially those in the education sector, let me know.

Also open to any ideas for topics etc. 

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I'd certainly be interested in coming along! I'll keep an eye out for updates. 



Would definitely be interested in coming along to meetups again. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the Event in London next month.

Looking forward to catching up soon though 🙂



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