Proposing a DACH virtual Meetup


since we only started our journey here in the South at Exasol. It would be great to learn more from all of you and discuss. Happy to host a Meetup via Zoom. Looking forward to some feedback.

Grüsse aus Nürnberg


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Khoros Staff

Great initiative @clangmayr ! Let me help you to promote and start the conversation by tagging a few other fellow DACH community people 🙂 

@JuergenM @mike_lion @sebastian23 @STARFLEET @waldemarhelm @AlexBoehnke @MarcelR @MarcusT


We're definetely in.

The last meetup in Berlin was great fun! We'd be happy to support a virtual meetup as well. Great initiative @clangmayr!

What would the agenda look like? We always had some presentations and round tables. Except the coffee breaks and lunch, that works online, too. On some other occasions, we found working together on virtual whiteboards was extremely productive and fun. So, there are quiet a few possibilities to facilitate discussions in a virtual meeting.

Maybe, we add some fun stuff like an online quiz asking nasty Khoros expert questions? Example "What is the standard character limit for the field in which predefined labels are configured?" Or kind of speed dating or so...

@PatrickW, what do you think: Why not setting up a call with a few guys to plan the virtual event?

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just realised i forgot @Claudius in this thread. I'm sure he might be interested to join a virtual meetup too 🙂 

@JuergenM , yes happy to do a brainstorm session about topics which we can discuss. 


has anything happened? can I join in the fun to get going?


Thanks for starting to kick this ball into the court, @clangmayr. Just back from my parental leave and couldn't wish for something better to get started again.

Throwing in some ideas that I am currently interested in or looking at:

  • What works and what doesn't work with Virtual/offline events and groups? Which tools integrate well with Khoros?
  • Dark theme, web workers, and similar modern web app trends to reflect on the Khoros platform
  • What users/community members are missing on Khoros communities?
  • Community Moderation in 2020: Experiences with Managed View
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Hi All,
let me throw in a date. Are there any objections to Dec 15th? Just to get going.
To busy in December or too short notice?

Hi Christian, hi all!

for me, that sounds good. We need to spread the word and reach a lot of people. I've set up a doodle and added to more options. Let's see, how many can participate. Please share the link!


So, what are we going to talk about? I took @Claudius proposals and mine into a Google-Doc. Please add topics and details.  If we have more topics than time, we can do some voting or so. Those who want to present something can prepare their presentation and for discussion topics, we would prepare a whiteboard or so together with the topic owner.

Though we discuss this in English here, I think, the meeting language will be German, right? Except for a Khoros Session maybe.


@STARFLEET@Esther_H  Would that be an interesting venue for you?


@clangmayr Sounds good, i´ll be a part of it.

Grüße ebenfalls aus Nürnberg bzw. aus dem Homeoffice

Head of DATEV-Community

Hi all,

while all the proposed dates for a virtual meetup seem ok, December 15th seems the best. I've closed the doodle and will continue with coordinating activities for the event.

Hi all,

with all the things going toward the end of the year, I don't have enough ressources for an event in december. I propose to postpone the meeting to late January 21.

Sorry folks, we'll follow up on this


Hi @JuergenM 

I agree with you.
For me personally, January is also better.

Grüsse aus Essen


Let me check with local Khoros for the next steps to get going

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Great news that the DACH Community virtual meet-up is now scheduled for 4th March from 17:00 Uhr - 18:30 Uhr CET!

Watch out for invitations from Khoros Marketing or feel free to register here:


Aaaargh, now I need to prepare slides


Hi @shoessanjay, yes the meeting was in german. It has been already more than a year since we had a DACH meeting. Maybe, time to think of a new one. Though, Khoros Engage is coming up.



Another DACH meeting is a good idea, preferably face-to-face 👍

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