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Connecting: Online Help/Support Communities


I'm currently managing a b2b Help style community. I would love to meet with others who are doing a similar thing. This is a new space for me, so would love to meet with more folks around this space. 

Alternatively, I have experience and knowledge in beta communities and helping build a connection with community and product. 

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Hi @i_am_ryan -- happy to connect with you at Engage -- and anyone else with a support-style community. We've certainly learned a lot (and are continuing to learn) on our journey.

Chris Hemedinger @ SAS --

@cjdinger  - Looks like we can't PM people here I'd share my email with you so we can link up. Or let's wait to see if this gets anymore people and we can get a group hang. 

Hello @i_am_ryan, I'd love to connect as well. I have been managing both B2C & B2B communities for years!   I also sent you a PM. Just click on the profile badge of anyone you want to PM, and there is a Private Message Button just below their profile banner!

Hello again @cjdinger , it will be good to see you again!

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I was just hovering over the names and all it showed was the badge. On my community, a hover shows the direct option to message.

Let's keep this thread going and we'll find a way to link us all together if more people want to join in on it

Khoros Staff

Ryan! so glad to see you engaging in this group (no pun intended :-). I wanted to note the following process to DM people in the community. 

Click on the user profile name you wish to DM
This will take you to their profile page
Scroll down to the 2nd module on the right side and click the "Private Message" button, click on the private message envelope at the top right of the page
Choose to compose a new message and type in the user name.
Hope this helps and can't wait to see you all at Khoros Engage! 

If y'all would like, I'd be happy to join in as well (considering one of the focus of our Community here is support as well). 

Let me know! I'll be around @ Engage and floating between sessions anyway.

Everyone is welcome. I'll kick off a group PM when we get a bit closer so add everyone that is involved. 

Hello @PhilippeM! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


Sounds great, @A11ey ! Thanks for always taking part.