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Connecting: Online Help/Support Communities


I'm currently managing a b2b Help style community. I would love to meet with others who are doing a similar thing. This is a new space for me, so would love to meet with more folks around this space. 

Alternatively, I have experience and knowledge in beta communities and helping build a connection with community and product. 

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Hi @i_am_ryan 

I am also in 🙂

Maybe it makes sense to have our own little roundtable in between the sessions.

Our Community is also mainly a help/support community (tech/software).

Looking forward to talking to you all.


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definitely! I have some gaps in my schedule during some of their product stuff that I can spare some time.

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I am Ryan, too! I'm the community manager for a B2C support community for users of our financial professional software, and we're also using Case Portal for B2B support. Happy to huddle up with y'all next week!

Awesome, looks like we're getting a solid little group together! I'll do a mass reach out soon. 

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Thrilled to have found this thread, thank you @KatieMa! I'd love to join a meet-up or roundtable. I work for a technology company with an external-facing community. In particular, I'm looking to connect with community professionals who:

  • have scaled content aggregation (e.g., top 5 lists, etc.)
  • have scaled knowledge base article improvements to reduce cases,
  • scaled SEO efforts (e.g., page improvements), or
  • who have organized concerted efforts to increase customer participation in the community. 

I'm happy to share what we've seen work/not work on our end regarding increasing adoption. Additionally, we did a rather large launch this past April and are seeing positive progress with conversations and SME participation. In general, I love meeting people in this sector. 

Hi, I'm also managing software/tech community. I'll be happy to talk with all of you!

At the moment, we are looking for ways of bringing more learning courses to the Community. Any use cases would be helpful.

@TanyaGorbunova happy to share what we've done and considered! 

By any chance are you guys attending the Monday night tech invite dinner? 

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just started a big dm, I believe i have everyone one included. If I missed someone let me know. 

Not really sure how we are going to arrange us all meeting that works for everyones schedule. 

But lets figure it out!


So it looks like private messages may not be the best way to talk to all. I'm at product training, lunch is at 12:15 I believe, i'm free then.

I will also be attending the opening ceremony event as well as the dinner event. 

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@i_am_ryan  In which Training are you? Community, Marketing or Care?

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