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Khoros Engage: Breakfast Tacos + Customize Your Agenda

Khoros Engage may be a large event, but our focus on group workshops + breakout sessions means you’re sure to make personal connections with attendees who are looking to network and share insights. With representatives from industry leaders like Intuit, Adobe, AAA, Fidelity, and eBay in the crowd, the opportunities for collaboration are endless (and we can attest that great work can be produced over breakfast tacos). Speaking of, here is Bon Appetit’s list of best breakfast tacos in ATX while you are here! (Pro Tip: we will host a "Breakfast Taco Tuesday" at Khoros Engage breakfast on 9/10) 

Be sure to follow the following steps to customize your digital agenda and read about our speakers presenting at Khoros Engage. 

  • Download the "Bizzabo" app on your phone. 
  • Enter the email used to register your ticket.
  • A confirmation will be sent to your email account. Click on the link in the email to confirm. 
  • Once in the app, visit the agenda tab and “star” your favorite sessions. You can now find these under “My Interests”.
  • Use the filter function to see keynotes or breakouts or search by our tracks: Care, Community, and Marketing.

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HI all!

Just downloaded the app and planned everything....and realized I need to split myself into 5 to join everything I want to see.

Wow ! Nice agenda. Really interesting stuff and I am looking forward to Engage 🙂

See you,



Community Manager @TeamViewer

Cool App!  Looking forward to being in Austin again, attending the Engage conference, oh and breakfast 🌮🌮!!

Allison (Alley) Fasching