3 social and digital trends to watch in 2021

Khoros Staff

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Looking for insights to bring to your next team meeting?


In case you missed it, we recently released Volume 2 of the Khoros Smart Social Report. Our Strategic Services team dug into Khoros Intelligence, native platform insights, and third-party data to identify three major trends impacting brands in 2021, along with the subtle trends that ladder into them.

  1. New tech has driven subtle shifts in the way consumers engage with brands and each other 
  2. Overhauling content strategy as traditional brand social guidelines evolve 
  3. Navigating sensitive moments means listening to your audience is essential

Across the board, these trends showcase the impact on the consumer mindset, customer behavior, and brand responses in social communities right now.

My favorite finding? Sound is BACK. If you’ve been in social long enough to remember the shift to soundless, text-heavy videos – this may be music to your ears [literally]. The mix of TikTok’s popularity, and at home listening habits during the pandemic, has shown that sound is getting smarter and is playing a larger role than ever before in how we consume content.

Take a look at the report and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!