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5 Top Tips to Winning A Lithy

So you want to win a Lithy? Boy, do I know that feeling… I’ve been a member of the Lithosphere and avid admirer of the Lithys for many years now as well as having my own fair share of attempts to win a hunk of sparkling, glassy Lithy magic.

I’d dotted my I’s and crossed my t’s. All that was left to do was wait: something I’m not very good at doing and to make matters worse, I was on vacation during the Awards Ball some nine thousand mine away. There I was, sitting on a beach, frantically refreshing the twitter feed to see who’d won. Needless to say, I was on the edge of my seat when I read we’d won the Digital Design Excellence award.

I couldn’t have been happier and truly one of my proudest moment, after years as a community professional, finally, validation that all the hard work was worth it. A feeling that everyone should experience but first, you’ve got to write your submission! So here are my top 5 tips to writing a stellar, award- winning submission:

inittowin.png1. Be in it to win it…

This year we’ve got nine categories to choose from and with so many choices, it can be tricky to decide which to submit for... but why choose only one? Whilst it’s super important that your submission talks to the criteria of the category your entering, it’s possible that your submission (with some tweaking) could be a perfect candidate for a 2nd or 3rd category. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating a copy/paste job “Ain’t nobody got time to read that” but remember if you’re not in it, you ain’t going to win it.  

2. Don’t skimp on visual…

It’s often said that a picture says a thousand words and whilst that may be true, your biggest challenge is keeping the reader entertained and interested and frankly who wants to read a wall of text? No matter how good the submission.

Adding visuals to your submissions serves two core purposes: 1. they help to bring your submission to life, immersing the reader in your story and 2. possibly as important, they help to break up the text making the content easier to read.

3. Tell a story, take them on a journey

We all love a good story and your Lithy submission should be no different. Sure, we’re all community professionals but don’t assume we know your journey. Use your submission to tell a story, share your challenges, how you overcome them and why you should win... Keep it memorable!

data.png4. Data

No, I’m not talking Brent Spiner… “Hopefully I’m not the only Trekker and that’s not lost on people” I’m talking numbers and lot of them. Being a super community manager and having an awesome community, you’re bound to have some impressive numbers to quantify your story. Death by data is a good thing, it’s our best friend as community managers but remember Tip 2! Nobody wants to see boring spreadsheets and tables, try to bring your data to life with charts and infographics.

 5. Don’t rush it!

Last but by no meant least, make sure you give yourself enough time to craft your winning submission. Rushing and doing a half baked attempt is not only a waste of your time but its also going to reduce your chances of clocking up votes and taking home the much converted lithy, so take your time, have fun and knock it out the park!

Good luck… not too much though, I’m still in the game as well you know 😊



Thanks for sharing @Fellsteruk - and congrats to the win last year. 


Looking forward to this year's submissions.



Great advice @Fellsteruk.  Thank you!  We're "in it to win it! "