8 Retailers Discuss How Lithium Drives Real Business Results

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Whether through social media marketing or social customer service, Lithium customers rely on us to help them create and deliver awesome customer experiences. We’ve gathered the stories and business results from 8 of our retail customers to help you discover how Lithium can create an impact for your customers and your revenue.


“By utilizing social listening through Lithium SMM for Service, we are able to transform the way we provide support to our customers. An ordinary customer support interaction is now made extraordinary and unforgettable.” – Natasha Khan, Director of Social Media, TechStyle


Hear from 8 global retailers how Lithium empowers them to:

  •         Save millions in support costs annually
  •         Increase number of customers
  •         Drive a higher retention rate for sales representatives
  •         Boost order value
  •         Improve response times
  •         Empower peer-to-peer support
  •         Experience higher NPS scores

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