And the Social Selfie Contest Winner is...

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First things first, thank you so much to everyone who participated: 

@SusanCinadr, @tolstoshev, @kochergan, @bhupen, @Jasmin, @Wendy_S, all of your photos were fantastic!



 A massive congratulations to Becky Scott @lolagoetz  the winner of our April LiNC Contest: Social Selfies and a free LiNC pass! Becky’s submission received a huge amount of kudos from the Lithium Community and truly captured the social aspect of the contest.




On top of being our contest winner, she is also one of our 2014 Lithium Stars who will be inducted at LiNC! We asked her to share some fun facts about her previous LiNC experiences, what she is most looking forward to this year and tips on maximizing your trip to LiNC.


Check out her video!


This will be our last contest between now and LiNC, but there will be several others during the event, giving you more chances to win cool prizes - stay tuned for the details. 


We can't wait to see you there!


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Congrats!  Looking forward to seeing you at LiNC.

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Oh my gosh, thanks you guys!!! So excited.

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Congrats @lolagoetz ! See you at LiNC!

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Congrats, hope you have a fab time !!!


Congratulations. See You at LiNC.



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Gefeliciteerd!! Congratulations!!




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Congrats, Becky. Thanks for sharing your video as well. Looking forward meeting again at LiNC.


Congrats! 😄

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Congratulations and Kudos..

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Thanks everyone! Looking forward to seeing y'all next week!

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