Announcing Community Manager Certification II

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Are you one of the 500+ people who are Lithium Certified Community Managers? If so, we have a new certification course for you!


Graduates of our Community Manager Certification have told us they’d like a new course that goes deeper into some of the key challenges they face – specifically around driving community growth.


They've also said they’d like more time to dialogue with peers. In response, we’ve worked together with Joe Cothrel (@JoeC) and Robb Lazarus (@RobbL) to develop a new course to help you take your practice and your community to the next level: Community Manager Certification II.


Like our original certification, Community Manager Certification II is a full-day session, including a 90-minute exam to test your mastery of the content. In the morning, we cover how to grow membership and engagement across the usage spectrum – from casual users to super users. In the afternoon, we’ll share the best tactics for gaining support from executives and peers inside your organization.


Among other topics, you’ll learn how to:

• Generate significant new growth in an established community

• Take advantage of new product launches or product issues to boost activity

• Make design changes that increase engagement levels

• Increase super user contributions and satisfaction

• Win support from internal champions

• Make the community more strategic to the business


Join us at our headquarters in San Francisco for the debut of this new certification course on December 9th!



Questions? Contact Lithium's Education Team at




 Jordan Suffin is Director of Training Services at Lithium, responsible for development and delivery of educational and engaging training materials. He previously worked at MicroStrategy where he spent 16 years in various education roles, starting out as a technical trainer for the West region and more recently running Global Partner Sales & Technical Training and Internal Sales Training/Onboarding programs.


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Robb and I also want to acknowledge all the Lithium consultants and strategists who provided input and advice for this course, particularly @BrianO, @CesarC, @CharlotteK, @JakeR, @JonathanW, @LisaB, @OliviaL@PeteC, and @XavierJ. Thanks for your contributions!

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Sounds amazing! This is something I would be interested in...will this be offered in SF as well? 

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Yes we are offering the certification in San Francisco: December 9, 2014


You can register here:


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Thanks for your quick response, @KellyT !

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Sounds great, when you guys coming to the UK? 

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We don't have a London session scheduled yet Stephen, but you know we'll be taking this course there sometime in 2015. I think we've done more training sessions in London than anywhere else, except San Francisco. 


Stephen and Jenn, looking forward to seeing you guys next week!

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See you somewhere in Europe in 2015! I'll definitely join this course.

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Sounds great, Ania - see you then!

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As someone who completed the course this week and passed...phew!


I really wanted to pop on and say thank you. 


The content led on nicely from CMC1 but gave us the opportunity to dive into the detail a little more - add to this the great contributions from other course participants and you've got a winning formula.  Half my team have now attended and the rest will complete the course as soon as we can book it in.  If anyone is thinking of taking part, I wouldn't hesitate but am happy to talk to anyone about it in more detail if they'd like a student's persepective Smiley Happy