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This last year was a big year. We brought on new customers, new employees, new product expertise, and hosted new events around the globe. So whats next?


Our Lithium Network Conference (known as LiNC) is renowned in the industry for its focus on our customers and networking with the "best in CX". This event brought hundreds of customers across the globe together for knowledge sharing, networking, training, awards, certifications, and most of all, to share their journey in the world of digital customer experience. 


I am delighted to announce that we will build on that foundation further in 2018, by hosting the first global ‘Lithium CX Live’ in Austin, Texas, on October 3rd & 4th, 2018. 


Lithium CX Live will be a product and customer experience focused event. 


When you arrive in ATX, you'll 

  • Hear Lithium’s vision for the future of service, customer care and digital marketing,
  • Learn our product roadmap for the next generation of digital customer experience,
  • Experience upcoming product demos, hands-on best practice labs and in-depth training,
  • Meet and network with experts and peers that will help you get more out of your digital and social strategy,
  • And of course, attend the annual Lithy Customer Awards Ball.

Registration will open soon, but in the meantime, mark your calendars for October. And I’ll see you at CX Live in Austin!




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Will there be onsite training in the days before/after, like it was at Linc in San Francisco in 2016? 

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 Hi @HelgaMarieAuran!  We are currently formulating plans for offering training around the same time period as  Lithium CX Live in Austin.  Stay tuned for more information soon.



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do you know when the pre-early bird registrations will be opened?


thank you.


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Hi @mlluis, We're excited that you're excited!  Registration will be open in the coming weeks - stay tuned! We will be rolling out more information shortly. 


Thank you,



Can someone send me some more information regarding the workshops and what is offered? Trying to decide about buying a ticket or not.

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Hi Marissa!

There will be 5 workshops total, 4 full day sessions on October 3rd and one during the afternoon breakouts on October 4th.  Below are the courses along with links to their descriptions.  Please note:  You will not register from the pages linked to below if you are attending the CX Live conference.  They are only for the description of the courses.  ALL registration for the workshops needs to happen on the CX Live registration site.


October 3 


Community Configuration & Administration


Community Manager Certification Level II


Social Media Management Strategy Certification


Social Response for Administrators


October 4


Masterclass on Return On Investment (ROI)


Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the workshops being delivered at CX Live,



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Is there an agenda? If workshops are on the 3rd does that imply the mani conference is on the 4th?

CMX is in Portland is the same week from Oct 1-3.



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So it sounds like CX will really be one day on the 4th since workshops are the 3rd all day?

Please confirm.



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Hi @Dani, The agenda is in development and we will have more to share on that in the coming weeks.  And yes, you are correct! Pre-conference Workshops and Certifications will be on 10/3 and the Conference will be on 10/4.  Lots of conferences in the fall, but we hope you can still make to Austin! :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:  

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Thanks for the clarity!

I am planning on making it to Austin as well as Portland!



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