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Announcing Lithium’s Media Experience

Retired Community Manager

Photos are becoming increasingly important engagement points in community content. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our Media Experience, right here on the Lithium Community!


Our Goal

We want to make it easy and quick to share photo content in a community. And we want to make it quick and easy to discover and consume that photo content.


The Media Experience includes these new features:

  • New Photo Components: Add visual appeal to your pages! Surface photos that users are sharing in the community, and provide a new way to discover and explore new content. Our new components include: Top Photo Contributors, Latest Photos, Latest Photos per node, Top Kudoed Photos, In This Topic and My Photos.



  • Lightbox Photo Viewer: Magnify an image give it kudos, and browse others like it.
  • Redesigned Photo Uploader: Our new uploader allows you to upload multiple files at the same time, with instant preview, inline captioning, and more!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.57.22 PM.png



  • Photo Captioning: Add captions as you upload images! Captions add commentary within messages, in the lightbox viewer, and within photo albums.
  • TinyMCE Toolbar:
 We’ve made the “Photos” button easier to find so users will know how they can add images. 


  • Image Attachment Migration: 
Have you noticed users contributing images as file attachments? This optional tool allows you to convert them for inline display. 

  • Masonry Message View: Present topics and show off the images! This is particularly great for forums where engaging images are shared often, like our LiNC Event Group.


While the Media Experience is live today on the Lithium Community, it is currently in closed beta. In the meantime, take a peek here and let us know what you think. @AndyH and the team are looking for your feedback, so share it in the comments here!

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Good one actually. We're already half a step there with captions. That said I don't think anyone has posted an image and included a caption in it.

Let me be the first...


Probably could have picked a better meme...Probably could have picked a better meme...


A little CSS I suppose to target the caption if desired to make it a little more prominent possibly?


Congrats on the milestone. I'm very excited about the new media experience. 


Drag and drop and adding multiple images at once is fantastic as its a big pain point at present.


The implementation here is great but my only caveat at this stage is that the experience for uploading images should be consistent across the community. So while using the drag and drop uploader is great here when you're composing a post, it's not when you're on your profile page and its different again when you select Upload an Avatar from the avatar secion of My Settings. And we are hoping that support for contests is added very soon as like some other communities we have repurposed contests as an image sharing gallery. 


As also shared on PUG, I'm interested in people's experiences with how quickly the new Masonry view is popping for everyone? (eg on the LiNC event board). On PUG there's a disconcerting delay when you visit the board. You are presented with the list of threads like any other discussion board with the spinning circle above, then the masonry view pops after a few seconds.


Looking forward to implementing on our community soon. 





Lizzy is pumped about the new media experienceLizzy is pumped about the new media experience



Since it's in beta, is there any way to get our community to test it out? We're looking to use it as a visualization gallery for our b2b analytics community. We're pretty keen on getting this done sooner rather than later. Seems promising and we'll definitely give you great feedback!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @daphtan! We have our hands full with the current beta group right now, but it's possible we will open the beta wider before the full launch. If we do, I'll definitely let you know. I have you on my list of interested parties! 


dr_eveil_working_meme.jpg only partially on Microsoft Edge though. E.g. drag'n'drop of media content to upload is not supported and selecting a photo and hit "Edit" drops me in the empty upload screen again.


I'm a happy volunteer to test it further 🙂


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

hi @Claudius, Microsoft Edge browser does not support drag-n-drop feature yet, that’s why you don’t see it working in the redesigned Photo Uploader.

I could not recreate the issue with the empty upload screen, can you provide more details so our engineering team can troubleshoot it?

One thing I want to mention is that Edit Image flow has changed in the new Media Experience. Unlike the previous version, Photos button in TinyMCE toolbar is designed for image uploading in the new Media Experience. In this version each image in the message has its own “Edit Pencil” icon (usually top right hand corner of the image) clicking on which opens up the Uploader and lets you edit that particular image.



Indeed. i missed out on the edit button for already inserted images. This is working.



...and regarding the missing Drag'n'drop support in Edge... I should've known about this. Good to know my colleagues at Microsoft are working on it 🙂


Is there a way to 'preview' a community from the beta group?  I am very curious what it looks like in a thread. 

Khoros Expert



Hope all is well. 


Just checking in to see if there might be an ETA for drag and drop image upload (via new media experience) support for all elements across the community, particularly avatars and contests. 


I'd love to implement but would prefer to wait until the experience is consistent across the community.





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