Announcing Our Us-ie Contest Winner!

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As a throwback to LiNC ’14 and the “power of we” that @KatyK introduced, we recently held an us-ie contest and invited you all to submit an us-ie--a picture of yourself with the people who inspire you the most.


There were so many great entries, from pictures of your teams, to pets around the office, to family members. We loved reading your stories and seeing your us-ies, but one stood above the rest.


Congratulations @lana_lee on winning a free pass to LiNC! We love your "team across time zones" us-ie and look forward to seeing you at LiNC!


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Congratulations !!! 

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Yay and thanks!! I just told my team - a few of whom are still here for the week before they travel back to their respective home offices - and they're all super happy!


This will be my first LiNC so I'm really excited!

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Congrats, @lana_lee! Awesome job on the community :)

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Yay! we won!! So do we all get to attend the conf?!?!

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Congratulations @lana_lee great job 

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Congratulations @lana_lee, see you guys at LiNC :)

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Thanks!  Really looking forward to my first LiNC! :)

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