Atlas Highlights - April 2021

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Hello, to all of our Atlas members!

If there is anything we learned this year, communication is a significant key to success. Whether it’s B2C, B2B, or even C2C, everybody wants quick and efficient responses.

A Digital-First Strategy is now more critical than ever before for effective communication.

Brands want their customers to feel like they have their back through every step of the support process, as well as the conversion funnel. It is up to the brand to meet the customer in the channels they are already familiar with, in unique, personable ways.

Click here for more trends to lead your strategy in the new year!

 We here at Khoros are proud to continue to offer guidance as you prepare to make 2021 your most incredible yet.


Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss!

Some blog areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at, and we’ll help.

POV: Making Space for Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is currently in the backend of beta, so Strategic Services dug into the feature and the buzz around it to better understand how brands can utilize Spaces.

POV: Is there room for brands on Clubhouse

Everyone is talking about Clubhouse and chances are you’ve probably been invited by someone you know. But what exactly is Clubhouse and how does it work? More importantly, should brands activate on the platform?

How to Best Utilize Our Virtual Assistant

How to Best Utilize Our Virtual Assistant to enhance your Khoros Experience. Plus, go further in-depth on How Maia is Powered by & Modern Chat with this developer’s interview with the Maia team, Travis Berryhill, and Anshul Jain.

Journey Mapping & Actioning Your Feedback: Part 2

More updates on key areas we identified from interviews with Marketing customers in August, September and October 2020.

Modernizing Digital Care: Change Management

Let’s talk about what to do with all the data you have gathered from your analysis!

 Experience Upgrade: Out of the Box with Project Hermes

This article details a lot of the work we did to upgrade the "out of box" experience for Khoros Communities in response to customer demand and feedback. 

 Improved Spam Management in Community

This article explains the enhancements introduced in Community to help moderators with spam management.  


Webinars & Events

Some webinars are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at, and we’ll help.

Khoros Communities: Reward & Recognition 

Thursday,  April 8  Register Today!

Khoros Care: Modernizing Digital Care 

Thursday, April 15  Register Today!

Call Deflection with Apple Business Chat 

Tuesday, April 20 Register Today!

Understanding TikTok for Brands: Webinar 

Watch On-Demand

Turning your customers into a community 

Watch On-Demand

Marketing Roadmap Deep Dive Webinar  

Wach On-Demand

Khoros Care: Choosing the Right Tool  

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Engaging Atlas Discussions

Some discussion areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at and we’ll help.

What are the use cases you cover with Care Analytics as an addition to Community Analytics?: Khoros Titan, @karolinalinda is looking for experience and best practices around the main use cases you address with Care Analytics as an extension to Community Analytics.

Analytics Data Doesn't Match: Issues with community analytics? Our experts share a few possible solutions.   

Any way to Take Off Blog Article Teaser?: Check out this Titan fix for a common teaser issue.

Communities & Learning: Check out some examples of how to better integrate our community and our learning programs collected by Legendary Titan @CarolineS, I think we can make this a mega thread!


Top Engaged Contributors

We’ve expanded our top engaged list to show off more of our fantastic community members! 

Thank you, everyone, for your engagement on Atlas these last months, and a special thanks to our Top Contributors, @CarolineS, @MarkAtTruth, @TeroRe, @StanGromer, @jeffshurtliff, @phoneboy, @elbranscomb, @karolinalinda, @jamiemccardle, and @sdhake!


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This is a great update, already digging in to what I've missed. 

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Thanks @CarolineS and @CyJervis! We've been hard at work finding ways to keep ya'll updated and engaged! Lot's more coming 🙂