Atlas Highlights - February 2021

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Hello, to all of our Atlas members!

Lots of exciting news coming from Khoros this month! But first things first, we want to thank every single person who uses or contributes to Atlas. Our members are the true drivers of success, and we can not thank you enough!  


Last month Khoros announced that it has acquired, an innovative conversational AI platform for designing and managing chatbots.

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Together with, Khoros will extend the AI/ML capabilities available to brands for greater self-service and operational agility. 

Click here to read the full press release!


While Community Manager Advancement Day only happens once a year, community management can — and should — be celebrated every day. If you haven’t already, join the CMAD Discussions on Atlas, where you can continue to connect, learn, and share ideas among fellow experts.


Here’s to resilient communities and their fearless community managers leading the way in 2021 — representing the best of human and digital connection. Thank you!


Following on from the news that Atlas was named a Finalist at the CMX awards, we were also informed that the DCCX team and Tech Support team at Khoros were awarded a Silver Stevie Award for Best Use of Technology and a Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Team of the Year

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And now for the Atlas content you do not want to miss!


Recent Atlas Blogs

Some blog areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at, and we’ll help.

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Engaging Atlas Discussions

Some discussion areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at and we’ll help.

We are so excited about your responses to our CMAD discussions! We would love to continue to hear more from our community managers, join the conversation today!

1. What’s it like being a Community Manager? Respond with gifs! #CMAD

2. What are some ways you practiced self-care at work?

3. Let’s celebrate your wins!

Team Size and Structure: The New (Hopefully) Mega-thread: The most important resource is the people on your team, check out this conversation around setting your program up for success

Examples of community guidelines for employees: Community guidelines are the foundation of any community. @karolinalinda is reworking theirs and is looking for examples, who else wants to share their guidelines for employees. 

Former moderator roles: Moderators leaving the team can create future issues if left unchecked. Take a look at this discussion for some great examples on steps to take. Thanks for the question @NateHardy!


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Khoros Roadmap Webinar | February 2021 

Thursday, February 11 • 1pm AEDT | 1pm GMT | 1pm CST

Introducing Topbox CX Analytics

Thursday, February 25 • 1pm AEDT | 1pm GMT | 1pm CT


Top Engaged Contributors

We’ve expanded our top engaged list to show off more of our fantastic community members! 

Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors @Claudius, @CarolineS, @sdhake, @StanGromer, @tyw, @Fellsteruk, @AbhishekIlindra, @jeffshurtliff, @i_am_ryan, and @PerBonomi!

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Want a chance to be a part of this elite group?

Take part in Atlas discussions and contribute to this innovative community.


Thank You @CoryD  🙂



Great writeup, @CoryD! And congrats to all!


Thanks for sharing your wisdom guys.

I enjoyed contributing to some of the recent CMAD discussions. Hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable start to the new year.