Atlas Highlights - November 2021

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Khoros Autumn Innovation Release

So much has changed in the last year. And we’ve been hard at work to change with the rapidly evolving world — especially for the contact center.

With this year's Autumn Innovation Release, we’ve made it more painless than ever to build AI-powered chatbots, connect with your peers, create simple and secure interactions, and ultimately build trust with your customers and prospects.

As always, we’re really excited about the growth and improvement of our platform. Here are a few of the highlights of an amazing fall innovation launch.


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A Chatbot for the Dev Doc Portal 
We've added Maia the Khoros chatbot to Read on to learn what this means for you.

Autumn Innovation Launch: Embedding ease and trust into every engagement 
As part of this year's Autumn Innovation Release, we're focused on empowering digital frontline workers to deliver better customer experiences easily and securely.


Improved Advanced Twitter Metrics
This new release makes advanced metrics easier to access, consistent, and more aligned with native analytics.

Utilizing Paid Promotion in Khoros Marketing
Why bother wasting valuable time and money using native paid campaigns? Time to start seeing actual ROI on your promoted posts.


Permanent Content Scrubbing for Inbound Filtered Content
We’ve added a “Scrub Content” option that enables you to permanently remove selected filtered content from the Khoros system - without the option to recover it later. 

Enabling Twitter as a network
Route conversations to specific work queues, run analytics to get data about posts with those tags, prioritize, and more.

Support for WhatsApp message deletion
We’ve added the ability to allow agents to delete individual WhatsApp messages from a conversation.

Create and edit personal Response Templates in user profiles
We’ve added the ability for agents to create and modify personal response templates directly from their user profile settings.


Zoom Integration Overview
Find out how Khoros' unique integration with Zoom into our Community Events helps communities recapture some of the great engagement in a world of more virtual events. 


Webinars & Events
Some event areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, type "Customer Access" into Maia's chatbox.


Deflect & Contain: Self-service & Chatbot ROI
Nov 16 @ 11am CT
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Advanced Communities Webinars: Product Association & Syndication 
Nov 11th @ 11am CT
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