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Atlas Highlights - October 2021

Khoros Staff

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Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss!
Some blog areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access private section, open up our chatbot, Maia, and type "Customer Access".

3 Things we learned at Khoros Engage 2021

Three of our favorite customer engagement moments, including how contact centers can master the digital service funnel, how to drive community engagement, and how understanding generational truths of your audience can guide your engagement strategy.

Khoros Marketing

Theme identification in Listening

New Themes tab added to Twitter searches to help you understand the meaning behind what people are talking about on Social networks.

Utilizing Paid Promotion in Khoros Marketing

Why bother wasting valuable time and money using native paid campaigns? Time to start seeing actual ROI on your promoted posts.

Character limit increased for LinkedIn Posts

All  Linkedin posts managed through our platform can now have up to 3000 characters. The limit has been increased from the existing cap of 1300.

Khoros Care

Response Template Enhancements

The release includes several improvements to the Response template creation experience including, editing panel for both agents and admins, toggle to enable HTML templates, and ability for admins to control which teams can use specific global responses

Support for deleting LinkedIn comments

Enhanced moderation capabilities via Khoros with the ability for agents to Delete posts from LinkedIn conversations. 

Integrate with LinkedIn personal profile pages

Create an integration that connects Khoros Care with a personal profile page.

Khoros Communities

New Onboarding Videos for Community Developers

Watch these videos to learn how to navigate the Studio Console, design Community components and assets, and develop a unique user experience through building with the Community API, Freemarker, and Plugin SDK.

Include time zone while scheduling knowledge base and blog articles for publication

With this release, you can now set the time zone to use when scheduling Blog and KB articles for publication. Admins and members with authoring roles (author, editor, publisher) can see when and where a draft will be published.  

Send events invitations by email

With this release, we’ve introduced the Invite by email feature for Events. You can now send invitations for events to non-community and community members via email. 

Preview published URL

With this release, authors can preview the published URL (the final URL when published) on the workflow page of the draft. You can share this URL with others, who might need to link to this article when it’s published.


Webinars & Events

Some blog areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access private section, open up our chatbot, Maia, and type "Customer Access".


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Another big month! Thanks to all who shared their wisdom and experience with the rest of the community.