Atlas Highlights - September 2021

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Hello, everyone! 

We're proud to be named among the top social suites providers with the highest score in the strategy category.

Everyone here at Khoros would like to give a huge thank you all for continuing to participate in the community and providing feedback. It has been critical to continue to deliver more value and to create customers for life.


Check out the Forrester Wave™️: Social Suites, Q3 2021 to help make the best decision for your business and empower your team to achieve your goals.

The report had this to say about the Khoros platform: “Fresh off a new name and branding earlier this year, Khoros has made positive moves to unite social customer listening (though it relies on third-party social listening platforms for deep listening), marketing, customer response, and its signature social community platform — the only one of its kind in this evaluation.” And “notably, customer references overwhelmingly praise Khoros’ unique product coaching support.”


Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss!

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Khoros MarketingArtboard 1.pngKhoros Marketing

Utilizing Paid Promotion in Khoros Marketing
Why bother wasting valuable time and money using native paid campaigns? Time to start seeing actual ROI on your promoted posts.
Character limit increased for LinkedIn Posts
All Linkedin posts managed through our platform can now have up to 3000 characters. The limit has been increased from the existing cap of 1300.

Published Posts Custom Metric
A published posts metric that can be used as part of Marketing Analytics Custom Metric calculations.

care.pngKhoros Care

Brandwatch listening integrationThe Brandwatch listening integration for Khoros Care lets you quickly and easily ingest posts from the Brandwatch social listening platform into Response. 

"Do Not Allow" list for Modern Chat widgets
You can now add specific IP addresses or countries for which you want a certain widget to be unavailable.

New supported sources for Secure Transfer links
Agents who are assisting customers with sensitive information can now send secure transfer links through more sources.

"Close as Irrelevant" option for Push Next and Claim Next work queues
Option to enable the Close as Irrelevant button for Claim next work queues and ability to disable the Close as Irrelevant button for Push Next and Claim Next work queues

community.pngKhoros Communities

The Silent Majority and Your Online Community

The Resource Center is your All-Ways connected guide built right into your Khoros Solution. 

New Onboarding Videos for Community Moderators 
This is a great place to start learning about the features common to most communities. We’ve organized these videos into themed courses that you can watch in any order you want.

Integrate Zoom with Community Events
Khoros Community Events now supports full integration with Zoom Meetings and Webinars. Integrating Events with Zoom enables community members to join the Zoom meetings and webinars directly from the community.

Archived posts now viewable or searchable from the Content Archives page.
We have fixed the issue where archived posts were not viewable or searchable from the Content Archives page.



Webinars & Events

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Don't forget Khoros Engage is this month!


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A Q&A forum for Khoros CX Insights 
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Khoros Marketing: Approvals for Regulated Industries
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Advanced Care product webinars
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Khoros Communities: Creating a Content-Rich Community
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Engaging Atlas Discussions

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Label to report different groups of content: Excellent Labels use case to give teams more insight about everything you are doing on social media. Great use of a new feature, @ldiorio! (Make sure you check out his feature on the Titans of Customer Engagement Podcast!) 

Community Launch Checklist?: This is a great resource for different checklists to help in building out your site. I think we can add more to this! Thank you @jwhite for the post.

Top Engaged Contributors

Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @CarolineS@TeroRe, @StanGromer(NOW WE ALL KNOW YOUR TRUE IDENTITY ;D), @elbranscomb, @PerBonomi, @jamiemccardle, @Drew_C, @sdhake, @mhock, and @n_matias!


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