August 2023 Atlas Highlights

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Introducing the next generation of Khoros Communities 
We're thrilled to announce the launch of a game-changing new version of Khoros Communities, with powerful tools to design and manage your community, create more engaging member experiences, and integrate community more fully into your digital ecosystem.

Khoros Fresh Features: Episode Two 
Fresh Features is a recurring video series to help you learn more about significant product releases from the previous quarter, and high-level product focuses for the next quarter.

Atlas Updates: Cleaning Up Customizations
As part of our cleanup, the majority of our past customizations are being deprecated entirely. These mostly fell into either minor style tweaks or functionality that has become core to the product (or will be in Aurora).



Admin Panel Overview - Product Coaching Session
In this session, we will dive deep into the Admin Panel—a potent tool designed to empower marketing administrators like you. Discover how to optimize your marketing endeavors and streamline your team's operations like never before.

Now Available: Create and Manage Link in Bio Pages with Khoros Marketing
Khoros Marketing now offers the capability for users to create and manage their own Link in Bio pages for their Instagram accounts



Preview and download images in Brand Messenger, and SSO IdP
In Brand Messenger Modern Chat widget conversations, users can now hover their cursors over an image thumbnail and then click the Download icon to preview the full-sized image in a new browser tab and download it. Also with SSO IdP, admins access can now use their IdP to update an agent’s team assignment. Users can enable this setting from the Care Config menu.

Update Brand Messenger mobile SDK display settings, and new icons for forms
Users can now update the display settings of their Brand Messenger mobile SDK directly from the Care interface by configuring the widget ID. At the bottom of the Author Panel, on the Forms tab, secure forms are now displayed with a lock icon, and standard forms are now displayed with a form icon.



Roles & Permissions: On-Demand Advanced Product Webinar
Watch this on-demand webinar and improve your understanding of how Roles & Permissions work and some best practices for implementing them in your community.

Community Aurora 23.6 Release Notes
The 23.6 Release includes content workflow for knowledge base articles and blog posts, private message reporting, a way to look up a member’s permissions, Analytics enhancements, content filters, URL redirects, and other improvements.

State of Community Management 2023 Report: Biggest Takeaway
We highly recommend you take a dive into the full report to get all the best insights, but here we’ve provided the top takeaway to help your community thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.


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Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @StanGromer, @tyw, @Mercedes_O, @shavetas, @Akenefick, @briuanagreen, @tminett94, @suemacaluso, @isxtn, and @bkling!



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