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August's Atlas Highlights

Khoros Staff

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Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss

Claim Next and Push Next can be powerful tools, but will your team size benefit from it? Join the discussion from @stan2 on whether it’s right for your team and how else to stay efficient. 

@JennyW led the way for this great blog about the new Splunk communityWant your community featured on the next Customer Stories Blog? Let us know in the comments! Show off your hard work!

Unsure about how to best apply Labels and Tags in your community? This blog on Labels and Tags may be just what you need, plus all the great comments are filled with examples. 

Have you met our bot, Maia, yet? Check out this blog all about how this Bot was brought to life, you might end up wanting one for your website. 

Community Managers, this article gives you a good perspective on the importance of the Success Rate of your Community and a good reason to start defining the strategy and tactics to improve it. 

We had lots of requests for exactly how we built the Atlas Custom Header, so @SuzieH put together this deep-diving article filled with everything you need to know. 

One of the best parts about Success Rate is that it can be really easy to improve quickly. Here are a few of the best practices we have seen over the last few years.

Coming up next on Atlas

September 15th we will be opening up the Community Strategy Discussion to all customers. This new discussion area will provide a space for Knowledge Sharing, Community Strategy, ROI, Change Management, Community Successes, Professional Growth, etc. 


Don’t forget to subscribe to the Khoros Events & Meetups Group Hubs for North America and EMEA! We have begun adding Khoros Engage Events and Keynotes to the new Events Page, let us know which events you will be attending!

Top Engaged Contributors

Thank you, everyone, for your contributions to Atlas last month! A special thanks to our Top Contributors in August, @Wendy_S, @CarolineS, @StanGromer, @Parshant, @kgroneman!

CoryD_1-1599758390083.png*Top Contributor's calculation does not include Kudos Received from the Khoros Kudos Award submissions.

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Congrats, all! And thanks for the great summary, @CoryD!


Hope everyone is staying safe and well. Looking forward to lots of great discussions on the new strategy forum.




Congratulations to @Wendy_S, @CarolineS, @StanGromer, and  @kgroneman!.

Thank you @CoryD .


It takes a village.

Congratulations everyone!

Great job everyone for keeping this vibrant!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Thanks so much for these posts @CoryD. And as always, thanks to our amazing Community members!