Cheers to 8 Years on the Lithium Community!

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The Lithium Community is celebrating our 8th anniversary this week! It’s hard to believe 8 years have flown by, and we’re taking the time this week to celebrate.


Community_8th_Anniversary-72x72-01.pngCelebrate with us! Throughout the week, we’ll be looking at 8 Community Lessons from our very own community thought leader @JoeC and we’ll also be recognizing 8 new communities that joined the Lithium family this year. Comment and kudo on any one of these blogs, including this one, and receive a special-edition 8th anniversary badge!


It’s always meaningful to take a step back and look at the past 12 months. So here are some of our milestones:


What would be a community without its community members? The following members have been with us for 8 years, and we salute you:








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Happy Birthday, LithCo! I've been fortunate to play an active role here since its inception. It's a proud moment to see our baby celebrate another year 🙂

Occasional Commentator

Congratulations team Lithium & the community! A year of many incredible milestones - Kriti Kapoor & Team HP.

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Happy birthday

Wow 8 long years, may you have many many more. Mark must feel like a piece of the furniture now 🙂
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Cat Very Happy yay!

Respected Contributor

Well done guys! Thanks for all of your support for our Community. 

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Happy Birthday Lithum Community! Woman LOL Many a time I have called on your wisdom, glad to be a part of it 🙂

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Happy Birthday. Looking forward to another big year ahead in partnership with Lithium, and learning a lot on this vibrant community.





Lithium Alumni (Retired)


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

I'm just here for the badge.


Just kidding, congrats to an awesome 8 years, Lithium Community!

Khoros Staff

Happy Birthday!