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ComBlu Community Vibrancy: A Snapshot

Retired Community Manager


Whitepaper_comblu.jpgHow vibrant is your community?

Community vibrancy is a quality – a set of observable characteristics and practices – that distinguish successful communities from those that struggle or fail. By measuring and understanding your community’s vibrancy, you can achieve great social customer experience and earn maximum return from your community investments.


But how do you know if your community is vibrant?


At Lithium, we work with hundreds of the world’s biggest brands every day to create vibrant communities. We wondered: how do our communities stack up and what exactly are best-in-class communities doing to set themselves apart as vibrant? To find out, we retained ComBlu, author of the “State of Online Branded Communities” to conduct a study on community vibrancy.


Here’s what they measured:

  • Engagement
  • Content experience
  • Gamification
  • Community management


Based on these categories, 90 mature branded online communities (Lithium and non-Lithium) were rated and scored.




 Want to know what they revealed and what the most vibrant communities are doing?


Download the ComBlu Community Vibrancy: A Snapshot


Really interesting read and that was just a  scan, going to read in more detail this evening. I was hoping for some "name and shame" or at least an example or two of communities in each of the banding but then again that may be just me 🙂


I wonder with the decline in CIC and CHI, what other services/ways will be on offer to help brands benchmark themselves in their industry and overall, would this be the role of social success? 


Either way a really interesting read...!! 

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi there -


Yes, this is certainly in the camp of social success! We also have some strategic consulting offerings that can help with this.


Hope this helps -