Congrats to our Top Contributors in March

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With LiNC'14 preparations well under way, and an exciting past couple of weeks, we've fallen a bit behind on our top contributors announcements, but we haven't forgotten about you! 


March was an especially amazing month for us with the redesign of & community, grabbing social by the horns at SxSW and welcoming Klout to the Lithium family  - just to highlight a few.  We were thrilled to see the community embrace the recent changes, events and announcements,  and reach new record levels of participation. And for that we thank all of you!


Several familiar faces stood out thanks to their continued contributions, ideas and  insights, which were most appreciated by the rest of the community. Please join me in congratulating our March leaders: @Fellsteruk , @Claudius  and @Ditte 




And there's more in store for Lithium's top contributors. We spent the last few weeks reviewing Lithium Community members offline and online contributions, and putting together the roster for our 2014 class of Lithium Stars.  


Check back tomorrow to find out who they are!



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Thanks for the mention and getting on this months list of TC's, It sure has been a busy and exciting month. Just a few weeks away from Linc, klout, new look n feel and more recently, the news from  @KellyT 

About the new education scheme, already trying to get my seats booked :) 


Well done guys! And thanks to everyone for contributing and those who have helped me this month :) 

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Congrats, @Fellsteruk , @Claudius and @Ditte !!!

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Congrats Fellsteruk and Ditte (and all those on the less visible ranks). You make it worth visiting this place every week.

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Awww :) Thank you so much guys!

I really love the Lithium community. So much information and opportunity around here, and I'm very happy to be a part of it all. :D

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