Congrats to our Top Contributors in May!

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May was a terrific month overall with summer  right around the corner and beautiful weather  upon us.  At Lithium HQ, it was time to pack up after many productive years in Emeryville, and move into a new home at our brand new office in San Francisco.  (see @MikeW 's comments and pictures of the new space here)


Lithosphere hasn't skipped a beat and saw increased activity across the board MoM and YoY, thanks to all of your contributions!


Our top 3 contributors this month are familiar faces from the VIP Council who continue to dominate the leaderboards with fresh ideas, much appreciated insights and solutions. You guys rock:


  1. jmurray.png
  2.  claudius.png
  3.   flyingdoormat.png




Out of all the great new ideas that were submitted in May, 3 stood out from the pack, getting quite a few votes & support from the community - if you haven't yet, check them out (you'll need to be a customer or partner to access links below):


  1. Change a board ID by flyingdoormat        
  2. Clone existing role to create a new one by vidhyut_arora         
  3. Expose Comments as Default (Already Accepted!) by brlau


Thanks to every one for your continued participation. 🙂

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Congratulations Smiley Wink

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Yeah! Go Jim! 🙂

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Good job, Jim! Seems I can finally take some vacation with the community being in good care. 🙂

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Woohoo!  Claudius, you would turn it into a working vacation no doubt. 😛

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Well done all 😉


Although none of those links are viewable by me 😞



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Sorry Liam! Smiley Sad I've annotated the article to clarify that the ideas are only accessible to our customers or partners.

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Shame you post a public article that contains data only certain people can access...


Anyhow, thanks for the annotation...


(Also, what's a partner?)


Also, @JulieH (there should be an alert system like in xenForo...)

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Hi Liam - You ask a good question. A "Lithium Partner" is a Lithium-sanctioned 3rd party that will contract with a Lithium customer to help them integrate some aspect of Lithium's technology into the customer's tech 'eco-system', or perhaps the partner even has some of their own technology that does a 3-way merge (between Lithium, the Lithium-customer, and the Lithium Partner's technology).
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Hey @Liam are you referring to getting notifications about Kudos?  We recently released this on Lithophere, which you can enable under Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > Notification Settings with the frequency that you want to receive them.

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I was referring to getting notifications not via email for everything (kudos, post marked as a solution, reply to topic you're subscribed to, being followed, being mentioned etc).


The not via email part is important - I mean having a tab at the top of the page where notifications are placed, and that can be hovered over to view them.


A bit like the Alerts system in xenForo 😉



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