Congrats to our Top Contributors in October!

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October has been a  busy month, and I'm thrilled to share that we saw post count increase by nearly 60% over the previous month, and beat the all-time record for participation, kudos to ALL of you!


A few community members stood out from the crowd; joining our rockstar @Claudius@nathan  and @PerBonomi  make their first appearance as top contributors on our monthly leaderboard, thanks to their great product ideas and sharing their knowledge to provide help &  solutions.







Congrats gents! And thank you all for continuing to make our community a better place. Heart



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Congratulations Guys!  Smiley Very Happy

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Grats guys! 😄

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Congrats - also to the Lithosphere Community team on the metrics increase. Good job.

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Nice to make it to the top 3 Smiley Happy