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Congratulations to February's Top Contributors!

Khoros Expert

February is behind us but we have plenty on the horizon, including the Lithys! For now, we'd like to celebrate and offer Kudos to those who help the Lithium Community stay amazing.


This month @Claudius  tops the charts with some all-around amazing contributions in almost every area of the community. Next up we have @Fellsteruk  for much of the same, including some great contributions to the Customer Connection board. Last but far from least we have @jchen  who has been an amazing help in the Support board!




Thank you all! We hope to see more wonderful contributions in the upcoming months and we especially hope to see you all at LiNC!


Congratulations everyone!


Wohoo. Thanks.


I know these people from somewhere... 😉 Looking forward to meet everyone face to face at LiNC indeed.


See you at LiNC, @Claudius (and hopefully @Fellsteruk too!)