Congratulations to February's Top Contributors!

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February was a short month, and perhaps some of you saw or participated in #DayItForward. And though February was a short month, we had no shortage of amazing contributions (and contributors!).  




Congratulations to our top contributors in February @JasonHill@Wendy_S and @Claudius!


Jason is always on board to help out another community user like in this case, particularly with his experience launching his new community. Wendy not only offers help around the community, but also loves starting a good discussion. And, in addition to his insights and knowledge around the Lithium platform, @Claudius always has an idea (or two) around how to improve the product.'


Congratulations, again, and let's see what March brings!

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Congrats Jason and Wendy. Well deserved once again. Now onwards to March.

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Jason is on fire!!! Claudius, my fellow EMEA Star!

Nothing but admiration for these 2 guys!!


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Good work guys. Lots of interesting discussions recently. 

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Great going guys. @JasonHill has been rocking since so long now, well done mate. 

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Congratulations to @Claudius, @JasonHill and @Wendy_S Smiley Wink
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