Congratulations to May's Top Contributors!

Khoros Guru

We'd like to extend another thank you to all of the customers, partners, and prospects who attended LiNC and helped to make it a truly special event. Even with LiNC behind us, we still have plenty to celebrate! We'd like to recognize our top contributors for May.


First off, we have a new member of the Lithium Community making it onto the top contributors this month: @wittier, with some excellent Klout feedback in our blog comments. Next up is @VarunGrazitti, who continues to contribute with informative posts in the Developer Discussion area. Finally, we have @jchen! Her excitement around LiNC was contagious, and this past month she earned the kudos to show for it.




Thanks everyone, and see you next month!

Honored Contributor

Congrats @wittier and @VarunGrazitti!


Feature request for LiNC...can you fix it so it never ends? Smiley Happy

Honored Contributor

Congrats guys 😉

Honored Contributor

Thanks every one and congrats @jchen and @wittier

Respected Contributor

Sending good vibrations and kudos to the incomparable @jchen and @VarunGrazitti.  #Gratitude to them, @KennethS, and @Fellsteruk, as well! 

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Congrats to @wittier @VarunGrazitti And @jchen 

You are all appreciated ...