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Congratulations to May's Top Contributors!

Retired Community Manager

With LiNC '16 just a week away, the community has been buzzing and we'd like to thank our top contributors!





From month to month, @JasonHill has been a top contributor in the Lithium community, and was quick to offer some help in this thread.  We also wanted to applaud one of our Stars, @Wendy_S for her creative contributions on what to pack for LiNC. In addition, @adsk_cmgrs contributed great ideas this past month, like this one.


Lastly, we wanted to highlight this post, where @ReneAvon started a great discussion on managing access for superusers.


Please join me in congratulating our top contributors!


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Congratulations to top contributors for your fantastic work!!


Enjoy LiNC everyone. I'm really sorry I can't get there. 


Thanks to all contributors to the Lithium community this month. There's always something to learn.




That's great!!!  Congratulations @JasonHill @Wendy_S @adsk_cmgrs  you all certainly are well deserving of the recognition. 


Congrats Guys 🙂

Retired Community Manager

@JasonHill we'll definitely miss you at LiNC, but will have plenty going on in the community. Stay tuned!


Awwww @JasonHill somehow I assumed you'd be here! What a bummer! Well, maybe we should come and visit you some time Down Under!


Congrats everyone!


Sorry @Wendy_S, would have loved to have met you. Was certainly planning on attending LiNC and did everything I could to get there but had a few last-minute circumstances derail the plans. Definitely next year! 


You'd certainly be welcome here in Oz any time.






Yay! I love asking the community for advice, esp in our line of work it's difficult to get this kind of knowledge from within the business! 


I'm gutted we won't be at linc either, fingers crossed for next year Woman Very Happy

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