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Event recap: Forrester CX NA Conference 2022
Recapping the emerging trends in one event shows the level of care and understanding Khoros strives to deliver to our customers and, by extension, your current and future customers.

Hospitality Brands: Facing the Pressure with Digital Solutions + NEW AUDIBLE VERSION
It’s clear that travel brands need to expand their reach into new customer engagement methods, but what might be the best path to accomplish this? Thankfully, Khoros’ customer Airbnb has provided a perfect game plan.

[Podcast] Customer Experience As a Two-Way Conversation
In this episode, Nate Jaffee (nateprayt), Head of Strategy at Praytell, talks to us about customer relationships, customer expectations, and overturning the belief that the customer is always right.

True story. By listening to his customer’s conversations, today’s guest not only understood their business better but also scored hundreds of followers on his oceanography Twitter list.


Beyond surveys: Go deeper than customer feedback
These days, top brands are going deeper, digging into conversational data points that customers provide every day, without even being asked, to get more insight into their CX.

How General Motors Found a Best-in-Class Social Media Management Solution with Khoros
The GM Social Media CoE needed to find the best listening, engagement and customer care tools to deliver a first-class experience across social for its fans, so they decided to reevaluate GM’s social media management software to better deliver on that promise.

2023 Social Media Trends: How to Disrupt a Disruptive Consumer
In this social media trends report, presented by Talkwalker and Khoros, we're focusing on the 10 most important trends that will define social media engagement in 2023. Deep listening and insights lead the way this year. Download the report today to get the full story.

Khoros Marketing Release Notes, October 2022


Khoros Care Customer Feedback Coaching Session
Collect feedback from your customers with a high level question NPS or CSAT survey, and report on the results in Khoros Care!

Tagging in Khoros Care OverviewPosts in Care can be marked with tags that enable agents to drill down into specific issues or product mentions. Agents can filter their Available queue by specific tags and review, change, or add tags to individual incoming posts.

Khoros Care Release Notes, week of November 14, 2022
Including updates to the Instagram integration moderation actions, the automatic creation of new conversations for Secure Form responses, and the addition of an author's Khoros Community email address in the Author Profile.


Community ROI: Embracing Humanity’s Desire to Help
why would any customer spend their valuable time and resources answering strangers' questions on an online forum?For some community managers, this question isn’t of massive importance. It’s extra work and research to understand why customers answer strangers’ questions in digital communities.

Atlas Series: Reward & Recognition
It's never too late to learn how to give your users the best community experience

Learn about effective recognition initiatives that encourage community users to participate in a more meaningful way, bringing you closer to your goals of an active and valuable community of users!

Khoros Communities 22.10 Release

  • Changed forum discussion subjects rendered properly in replies and community widgets
  • Move Blog or Knowledge Base drafts to a different community location
  • Remove EXIF data from images based on allowed listed tags

Webinars & Events
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Snack Breaks & Hot Takes: Essential community features and tools for 2023 - Wednesday, December 14th | 9am PT

Join our upcoming Snack Breaks & Hot Takes session featuring Vishal Sharma (CTO of SearchUnify), Erica Kuhl (Strategic Community Consultant) and our very own Jonathan Wishart.

In this session, you will learn about the must have, good to have and nice to have community technologies to help drive informed decisions when building out your 2023 community budget.

Available On-demand

Beyond the Roadmap: TikTok & Talkwalker Deep Dive
Check out our on-demand Product Webinar Beyond the Roadmap and learn how integrating with the industry’s leading deep listening platform — Talkwalker

Engaging Atlas Discussions
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Thanks @tminett94 for asking how people manage Care once it's integrated with the Community solution, and to @jamiemccardle for sharing her process. You roc

Kudos to @Drew_C  for a quick and helpful response to @VikasB's thread on the best way to confirm whether content is gated in a community. Appreciate you two working together!

Huge thanks to @calley_oneil for starting such a solid and advice-filled discussion with fellow Titans chiming in on how to redo a community rank structure! If you're thinking of doing the same, we recommend reading the advice in this thread.


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