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December Community Highlights

Retired Community Manager


Happy New Year everyone! 

We hope you had a relaxing holiday break! We’re feeling refreshed and excited to get back into the swing of things. Thank you for spending another trip around the sun with us, we value your participation and feedback and hope this year Atlas is more insightful and rewarding than ever before.  

There were two great discussions about best practices in December that we wanted to highlight; one by @sleslie2017 about member and content retirement and the other by @NicolaC about moderation boards. If you have any best practice tips, share them in the topic threads. 

What were some of your favorite topics last month? Were there any that you found really helpful? Share them with us in the comments below! 


Want to know what’s in store for digital customer engagement this year? We got you covered with our recent blog which also includes a full trend sheet that you can download. If you’re looking for new podcasts, we recommend 5 in our podcasts for community managers blog. Speaking of CMs, don’t forget to check out our blog on community manager appreciation, advancement, and awards


Nathalie Nahai, web psychologist, author, and speaker shared 5 principles behind great customer engagement during Khoros' recent conferences in Paris and Cologne which we recapped here. Did you attend one of those conferences? What was your favorite session and why? 


Above: a glance at Khoros Marketing

We also started a new series where we’ll share Atlas-related updates each month so you can stay up-to-date on the changes we make to Atlas. Customers can also learn more about the new Khoros Marketing and Care mobile apps and how your feedback helps drive change at Khoros.

Last, but never least, we have to thank all of our Atlas members for your contributions to our community. Bravo to December’s top kudoed contributors: @Claudius@CarolineS@JasonHill@kgroneman, and @lilim!


Until next time! 


Whoa.  I had more likes than @lilim ?!?   That's hard to believe.  I can't believe I made that list.   It must have been a slow month.  Whatever....I'll be available to sign autographs between 3 and 4 pm MST..... 😉


Happy new year everyone from down here in smoke-covered Melbourne. Let me know when the next Khoros conference in Paris is. 😁


Thanks to all those who contributed to the community in 2019. Looking forward to seeing everyone's communities grow and prosper in the year ahead. 




Happy new year Jason!
So sorry to hear about the fires down under.
Would you have any recommendation on the best way to donate and contribute a little?


Thank you so much @Wendy_S. The fires are really devastating and have impacted so many people, not to mention the heartbreaking loss of wildlife and beautiful country. If you would like to contribute, I would recommend giving to the Red Cross -  They are doing amazing work




Thanks Jason! I hope rescue will come soon, for every living being.

Donated! Was quite easy!
Khoros operates down under, would love to see some funding on behalf of the brand 😉

You are wonderful @Wendy_S


It's great to see that so many businesses in Australia are supporting the relief efforts, and most are not seeking publicity for doing so. There's a chat about this very topic in the Australian Community Managers Facebook group I belong to. But let me tag @BoothF as a heads-up!


Thanks again,




You are the best! I would be happy to learn
that Khoros has contributed in any way, if not, this may be a good opportunity.

Bu the way, I also want to check within HP if we have supported in any way. 😉


Great post, @JamilaR! And, @Wendy_S, you're the best! I'm inspired to give some support myself now.

Happy New Year, ya'll!


Khoros Staff

Hey @Wendy_S  & @JasonHill we are definately going to support, we are just taking a look at options on how we can best support Australian's impacted through focussing on long term impacts of the fire and the mental health ramifications it will have for years to come. We are in discussions with key government and NFP orgs/partners to understand what the scope of the support should be to best service the future need.

Rest assure the wheels are turning and our HR Team, @BoothF  @JenniferK and I are working through options now. 🙂