Design changes coming!

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Just a quick heads up:  This Thursday, January 31, in combination with our rollout of an improved Support Portal experience, we’ll be making some changes to the look and feel of the Lithosphere community. These changes resulted from your recent feedback on how to make your community experience more pleasant and productive.  We anticipate more improvements in the coming months.


Come Thursday and take a look - the Suggestions for Lithosphere board is open for your feedback! 


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looking forward to this!!

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Just for you to know, it's soon end of Thursday, January 31 here and the Lithosphere is still purple Smiley Happy

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Fantastic - can't wait!


Nice ! 

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looks great!

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Nice design 🙂

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Thanks everyone - glad you enjoy it!

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Very cool new UI. Still very simple but warmer atmosphere..oh sorry Lithosphere

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Hey, my MeToo button on white background just looks ridiculous now !! Thanks Julie Smiley Wink