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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

About four years ago, Lithium launched the first iteration of its Developer Documentation Portal. It was our first step towards consolidating our Developer Documentation and improving the overall Developer experience. With that portal, we gained the ability to auto-generate some of our reference documentation directly from our code base and streamline certain publishing tasks. However, the portal lacked some important features -- most notably, searching across the entire portal.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Khoros Developer Documentation Portal on its very own domain:



Important! The portal is best viewed in Chrome. At this time, the login flow does not work correctly in Firefox.


We’ve migrated the Khoros Communities and Khoros Care developer content and the articles from the Developer Knowledge Base into our new portal. The Developer Knowledge Base will be around for a couple more weeks, and then we will be archiving the articles.


The Developer Discussion forum is staying right where it is today in the Khoros Community. We link to the Developer Discussion forum at the top of the new Developer Documentation Portal, so the Khoros Community is always just a click away.


Over the first few months, expect to see iterative improvements as we polish some areas and work out the kinks in others. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback.

How do I get to the Portal?

Access to requires a Khoros Community account.

If you go directly to the portal, and you are not signed in to the Khoros Community, you will be directed to the Community sign-in flow.

Access the portal from

Click the Log In link at the top of the portal, and then sign through the Khoros Community with your Khoros Community username and password.


When you're finished, you're logged in to the Developer Documentation Portal.

Access the portal from the Khoros Community

You can also reach the portal from the Khoros Community navigation menu.


If you’re currently logged into the Khoros Community, you’ll the Developer Doc Portal behind the scenes. If you’re not currently logged into the Community, you’ll be directed to the Khoros Community Sign-in page.


We have set up some basic redirects from link to the old portal to the new portal. We will be continuing to work on them in the coming weeks. In some cases, we will not be able to redirect all deep links, but we will do our best.

Khoros Developer Doc Portal highlights

The new portal includes several new features:

  • Global search
  • Separate spaces for Khoros Care and Khoros Communities dev docs
  • Suggest Edits feature
  • Cleaner code examples
  • Easier navigation
  • Task-based organization

Global search

Global search has been one of the most requested features for our vast developer documentation library. Now, you can perform a search across the entire portal.

Pick from the suggested content.


Or, click View All to see the distribution across product lines categorized by Documentation or Reference guides.


Suggest edits

Are we missing information that you’d like to see? Did you find an error in our guides? Click the Suggest Edits link, edit the markdown, and submit your suggestion directly to the Khoros Doc Team.


We will be notified of your suggestion, and then we can comment and respond to your request. Email notifications enable us to follow up our collaboration and alert you when we merge your suggestions into the documentation.

Cleaner code examples

Our new code example format uses syntax highlighting, one-click copy ability, and the option for examples using multiple programming languages.


Easier navigation

The Developer Documentation Portal now separates documentation by product lines. Each product line has its own landing page where you can browse through categories.


What’s New page

Stay up to date with what’s new in the Portal with our What’s New page. Each product has its own What’s New page that provides a change log for new Portal content added after each update. Each entry includes a link to the related product Release Notes on the Khoros Community.


Next steps

We’ve been working hard on this migration, and we’re going to take a little break while we gather feedback.

The existing Developer Knowledge Base will be in place for a few weeks while we archive the articles. We will have redirects from the legacy Dev Doc Portal and Developer Knowledge Base articles in place, but understand that we might not be able to get you to the exact location where we moved an article or guide. We’ll try to do our best.

In the second half of the year, we will begin to migrate the Khoros Marketing API documentation and adding some other bells and whistles to the Portal. Look for a glossary feature and more code examples in the Khoros Care API reference.

We hope you like the improvements! We know that change can be difficult at first, but we hope the new portal improves your experience developing with the Khoros Platform better in the long run.





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Unable to login from Chromium

or edge, or new edge, or chrome, safari or firefox..




@allensmith81 Had the same problem in any browser I tested. I believe the redirect from the old dev docs portal has been disabled for now so that's back again until a fix can be found.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@RobertT @allensmith81 We've been seeing some issues like this when we do a Community restart,. We've been trying to catch the error in the logs, but every time we turn on logging, the issue resolves itself 😐. We've turned logging on at the config level, and we'll do another restart so that we can test/catch the issue. Long way of saying that we're working on it. 



@SuzieH  Can anyone with analytics permissions in Khoros access the API or does it require special permissions? 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@LorenS All you need to access the Dev Doc Portal is an Atlas login. No special permissions required.



Can you please provide me link to Create articles ( TKB ) using REST API



Sachin Patil


@patils27, Below is the API to create post/article in community.

@patils27 ,


The above link is 100% accurate but its also limited to the maximum length of a url ( i can not remember what this is) if, as KBs tend to be, you have allot of content then your going to need an APIv2 call with which you can post in JSON.

You will find information on that here:


Note: if you need to include pictures then you will need to upload them to the community and capture the media urls, so you can pass in valid <img> tags, before you post the message.

Finally if you have any further questions then you would be best to post them in the Developer Discussion area.

All the best





Thank You @Ralle @ @Parshant 

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