Drinking Our Own Champagne (well, something better than dog food…)

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Greetings everyone!


Here's a special announcement from Doug Nugent, Lithium's Director of Customer Advocacy regarding the launch of Lithium Cases on the Lithosphere:


In an on-going effort to practice what we preach, we've been updating our own customers' user experience (actually, experiences) in getting online support for their application, and community in general. The first iteration of our online support solution was a designated support site where customers could submit and manage "cases."

And shortly thereafter, we introduced our own community, the Lithosphere (the not dog food bit). But the experiences these two solutions provided were completely disjointed -- specifically the kind of experiences we're helping many of our customers eliminate.

So, we've taken the next step and merged these offerings into a single experience -- by incorporating traditional case management into the Lithosphere. Customers, with the appropriate access level, can now login to the Lithosphere, and when they can't find an answer to their question in the community, or want to ask a question they may not want to share, they can navigate to the new "Cases" tab and submit a new case.


Litho-Cases Arrow.jpg


By providing a single destination for both customers (for all things Lithium) and for community-minded enthusiasts in general, we hope to create a highly valuable, unique destination. It's certainly not Nirvana, but I think this is a significant step in offering our customers a user experience that begins to fit the new world of Social CRM.


And lastly, if you're an existing customer, and haven't been asked to register on the Lithosphere, or can't see the Cases tab when you login to the Lithosphere, please connect with your CSM, or connect with me directly (please register on the Lithosphere and send me a private message: DougN).


We've had some very positive feedback so far, and want to help all of our customers take advantage of the updated Lithosphere.



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I think this works pretty slick - I'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback from your customers on ways to tweek the case portal UI and features, but I just entered my first case this week and found it really easy to use as is.


I'll admit that I had been a bit of a traditionalist, relying on email or phone exchanges with my CSM,(Which is ironic, because I should be all about engagements via social platforms) but I think this case portal is going to be highly complimentary.  I see the Lithosphere developing over time into an even more collaborative space, especially as the TKB arrives to compliment the already great mix of blogs, forums, and the idea exchange.



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Thanks to the whole team that worked on building out the new Cases function on the Lithosphere and to the customers for giving us very valuable feedback! 

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Thanks so much Mark. Creating a highly engaging and value-driven experience is what we’re really shooting for, and we’ve got lots of plans for additional functionality (you’ve already called out a couple of them). We do still have a long way to go though.

And believe me, I definitely appreciate the significant value that comes with traditional correspondence with your CSM – complimentary is the key word!

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