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Exciting Changes to the Lithium Case portal

Khoros Staff

We are excited to announce that we are updating our existing support case portal to use the new Lithium Case Portal feature. This will be available to anyone who has access to the current case portal.  This change will be coming later this week and the changeover is expected to happen fairly  seamlessly! You can find out more information about the new case portal feature in the documentation.


  Screen Shot 10-09-17 at 02.36 PM.PNG

As part of the changes, there is a new module on the landing page that allows you to create a case directly from the landing page and a link to view your existing cases. The support team now has the ability to push a thread from the community directly into the case portal so unless there are privacy concerns around the content of the case, we ask that you post your question on the community first as this allows your peers to answer the questions first!

Screen Shot 10-09-17 at 02.36 PM 001.PNG



The Case Portal landing page still has a very similar layout to the existing page but the formatting has been updated to take advantage of responsive.


When creating a case, we removed a step to streamline the experience  - you can now choose the product when filling in the rest of the content as well as the priority compared to your other cases.


At least one person from each organization will be designated as a supervisor, this allows them to see all the cases their team has submitted along as well as their own. 

Screen Shot 10-09-17 at 02.38 PM.PNG



In addition to this, the supervisor has ability to request a more in-depth or urgent review of a case by providing a business justification in doing so on the Escalate Case page.







There are a couple of items that we are still adding in, but haven't finalized yet:

  • Attachments do not display; this will be fixed soon. In the mean time, if you need to include an attachment, please reply to the acknowledgement or latest case notification email and include the attachment, this will automatically add it to your case.
  • If you would like to add users in cc, please add a note in the comments module and the support team will ensure they get added.

 Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on the new case portal in the comments below.


Thanks for reading!


Director, Global Support


I'm seeing the search by case number and title fields. However, they do not appear to work. Is this the case?

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Warren_Brill I've just taken a look and I'm able to use the search bar with no issues. When you have entered in the criteria that you want to search by are you pressing the return key?

1) Open Lithium Community in Firefox (my default browser for Lithium Community)

2) Open Case Portal (my cases)

3) From "Case View", select "My Organization's Cases"

4) In the "Case#" field, paste "00167034"

5) Press Enter

6) Response is "No items"

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hey @Warren_Brill


I'm going to shoot you a PM with what I managed to find out, but just to note this is not a case portal problem it's more on our CRM side of things.



Hi @PhilippeM,


Thanks, but when will this be cached so we don't need to fully type the addresses each time?

Because, you know .... typos ?




Khoros Staff

@SonySQE, I don't think anyone's mentioned that one before that I'm aware of! @AndyK, can you add this to our list so we can take a look?

Has anyone reported that adding multiple attachments (which worked in the old case portal) does not work? It appears that only one attachment is actually added. I had to add four screen shots to a case, and found that three of them were nowhere to be found. I added each with a separate comment, but this wastes a lot of time, and makes it difficult for the support engineers to read the case notes and refer to the attachments logically along with the flow of the case.

If this has already been reported, is there an ETA for resolution?

Community Manager

Hey @Warren_Brill


I remember this being something I looked at in the past, I think it may actually be to do with our responsive set up overall rather than case portal but let me dig into it again.


@SonySQE - I do have an open request to get the field too allow caching of emails to cc and upped the priority of it yesterday.




Community Manager

@Warren_Brill - I just did some testing and there is a way you can add multiple attachments in one go but you have to do it through the same pop up window by selecting multiple items within the same folder. I will keep digging to see if there is a way to add multiple attachments separately. 

Thanks Andy, I think that can make it much more productive, since in most cases, I could put the screen shots (for example) in the same folder. It wouldn't work in all use cases, but should apply to many.