Exciting times...

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

rtarkoff-lithoicon.pngRob Tarkoff is the new CEO of Lithium, beginning Sept. 12, 2011.  


On the Lithosphere he is RobT, and on Twitter you can follow him on @rtarkoff.




I am very pleased to be appointed CEO of Lithium Technologies.
With strong roots in gaming and social communities and passion for excellence, Lithium is truly a unique and special company. I am looking forward to building a big business with a top-notch team and a world-class product offering.
I am also pleased with the progress I was able to help make while at Adobe. I will certainly miss the company and my colleagues there. Adobe has achieved great things in enterprise software and I look forward to hearing about more of their success in the future.
I will be starting at Lithium in early September.  I am delighted to be continuing to help shape the enterprise software market and most of all getting to meet and work with all of you.