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The Khoros Holiday Freeze is coming up! Learn what to expect for non-critical platform maintenance during the holidays.

February 2022 Atlas Highlights

Khoros Staff


Hello to all of our Atlas members!

Last month we had plenty to celebrate, with Community Manager Appreciation day and Atlas reaching 100,000 members. We’re so excited to celebrate the people who make communities in every industry so vibrant, engaging, and productive.

I hope you are able to spend some time throughout the year furthering your skills as a community manager. Our own Atlas community manager, @BlakeH, has compiled resources to advance your skills along with ways to share appreciation.


Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss!
Some blog areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at, and we’ll help.

[Titans] How the Cisco Meraki Community Uses Blogs Caroline.png
Thinking about using blogs in your online community? Learn four different ways to make them work for you, with helpful examples from Khoros Legendary Titan @CarolineS of the Cisco Meraki community.

Let us know your thoughts on our Developer Content
The Khoros Atlas Community wants to gauge satisfaction and engagement with our Developer content. We appreciate your time and feedback. Take our survey

Manage View Enhancements: Filter Posts with No Response
You can now filter conversations that have responses or no responses. Using this new capability, you can create a Conversation column of all new arrivals, filtered by priority, assignment, etc. 

Manage View Enhancements: Time Filters
The Date Range selector in Manage View now includes “Live” selections as similar to our Dashboards and Post and Moderation columns can now toggle between Post Date and Last Activity Date


Webinars & Events
Some event areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at, and we’ll help.

Snack Break & Hot Takes: Bridging Virtual & In-Person Community-Led Events in 2022
Tuesday, February 8th, Join our upcoming Snack Breaks & Hot Takes session to hear Derek Andersen, CEO and Co-Founder at Bevy, discuss what the future holds for community led events in 2022 and how businesses can bridge the gap between virtual and in-person events to engage all audiences.


Engaging Atlas Discussions
Some discussion areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, email us at and we’ll help.

What's the right way to introduce community members to how the platform works? @brittanycarmona asked if a Community Tip Tuesday might work, and it created some great conversation about encouraging members to stay on-site, and what kinds of topics and approaches are most useful.

High five to @karolinalinda and @elbranscomb for chiming in to help @adriana4u with a solution for modifying an idea exchange page! Check here for the solution. 

What are the most valuable community metrics? @TanyaGorbunova  asked, and others chimed in with their recommendations. See what they came up with.


Top Engaged Contributors
Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @Akenefick@karolinalinda
@adriana4u (don't miss out on Adriana's fantastic podcast episode!), and @Cloud_Spanner.

February Top Cons.png

Want a chance to be a part of this elite group?
Learn about what it takes to ascend to Titan status

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

So much goodness! Thanks @CoryD. And as always, thank you to our Top Engaged Contributors for your participation and support 😍