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Focusing on what we do best-- measuring social impact and topic expertise

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

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First,  thank you to those who took the time to respond to our survey-- your feedback is extremely valuable and critical to improving Klout. We’re still going through thousands of responses with a fine-toothed comb, but expect to see your suggestions incorporated in future product cycles.


We are committed to providing you with tools and guidance to better understand, leverage, and grow your social presence. To that end, on Monday, April 18th, we will be discontinuing two features that no longer meet our mission:


  • The Network Activity tabs on the Measure Page  will be replaced with a new widget, offering a closer look at your top areas of expertise.
  • Moments from user profiles will be removed.


Keep better tabs on your expertiseKeep better tabs on your expertise

We found these features do not provide relevant insight into the areas of your success and don’t provide added guidance on how to be more successful.  Now, you can see the progress you’re making in specific topical expertise.


Many social products, including Twitter and Facebook, have released free analytics suites of their own that duplicate, and, in some cases, enhance, these efforts. Twitter’s Analytics, for example, gives you a great overview of your social engagement performance and has expanded to include real-time impression data. Similarly, you can use this to customize your top moments through products that leverage Twitter’s Collections API, or simply pin a Tweet to your profile. This isn’t a ticker tape of how your score is calculated, but it is an excellent way to monitor how your content is performing in real-time.


Where We’re Going


Relevance is one of the most important insights we can provide: how well are you engaging and growing your audience in certain areas? Context isn’t just moment-to-moment, engagement-to-engagement, post-to-post. It is also built up over time, encompassing hundreds of features, calculations, and ratios, and we’ll be looking for ways to make this more visual, relevant, and useful.


Klout Topics add much-needed context to that engagement. The Klout Score is a broad, high-level insight describing, at-a-glance, your consistent potential to be engaged. Behind the scenes, Klout Topics also have a scoring algorithm behind them, and you see a product of that in Klout Experts badging, along with the percentages we display. Both the Klout Score and Klout Topics are part of a larger system: your scores aren’t only based on how you and your brand is performing, but how the entire known social landscape is performing. Macro and micro effects have weight.


In the future, we want to deliver more actionable insights and content that will guide you towards building a more relevant and engaged audience.



Devon_Singletary (1).jpegTyler Singletary is the VP & GM of Klout and Consumer Data for Lithium. He is responsible for the operation, health, and direction of Klout’s website, integrations, and data assets, such as, the Klout API, and partnerships with Twitter and others. Tyler has 18+ years of experience across technology, from law firms to startups. Prior to joining Lithium, he led Data Strategy & Developer Relations at Klout . He is a board member of the Big Boulder Initiative, a social data trade organization, and a recognized writer and speaker on data & API ethics and strategy. On Twitter, he’s @harmophone.


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We haven't made any algorithmic changes (any large changes we would announce).


Part of the problems with the Moments feature in the past is that it implied that there was only a relationship with your score between each line item of activity you had.  The Klout Score is more complicated than that. There are hundreds of signals that apply not only to you but apply to everyone else, and the balance of you against that whole ecosystem. Each of these signals has different decay factors on them (like the impact of each post lessens over time, some posts lasting longer than others, some relational signals lasting longer or shorter).


Likewise, the network contributions are a percentage of a whole-- paying attention to the percentage changes on a daily basis isn't going to be helpful in terms of identifying what's happened: if the decay factors on one network have reduced its impact on your score, another network is going to fill that void. If some new impact on a network outweighs another, it's network contribution is going to go up.


Gaming against the Score or other metrics we offer isn't really what I see Klout is about. 


@TylerSi  I certainly did NOT mean to imply anything close to "gaming" the platform or score.  That is not my style, so I certainly apologize if that was your takeaway from my comments.


@edaccessible @cindycapo


My "concern" is the drastic and extreme movements in score per day, I find that very unusual and wanted to bring it to your attention.  I went UP yesterday .25 and then turned around and lost .70 (which is huge) just today.  That is a .95 swing in less than 48 hours.  While I don't normally keep up with the daily movements, I couldn't help but notice this one.  I think anyone would being in my position. 


I would think you'd agree that it is highly unusual for someone that has been on this platform for years and has earned what was an 82.  I only bring this up because I don't want you to have the impression that I have been on a short time and extreme point swings may be prevalent for me.  Honestly, I have "never" seen anything like this ever in all my years on the platform.


If we discount the YouTube drop (which is strange by itself), how does one interpret a .95 point swing in score in 2 days?  I am not trying to do anything but understand how that might have happened given that I have not changed my behavior, in the least, for years and years.  Honestly, I don't do anything with the idea that it is going to effect my score, quite the opposite.  I've always believed that you do what you do and the score takes care of itself.  


That said,  I know I am not the only one that has seen this kind of drop today.  Since that is the case, I thought it only prudent to bring this to you attention in case there was an issue that needed addressing.  No matter how you slice it, .95 in 2 days in unusual and concerning. I believed and, still believe, those extreme movements should be brought to your attention. 


Thanks again and I look forward to any additional comments you might have. 



Lithium Alumni (Retired)

I wasn't trying to say you were gaming it, simply that focusing on day-to-day changes, both on the score, and the network contributions, can both influence behavior (how do I change this?!) and causes some sometimes unnecessary concerns. The very act of measuring changes what you measure.

Without looking specifically into your activity, swings of less than a point (and sometimes more than that) aren't very often a concern, and from when we look at the data across the whole platform, isn't uncommon. Even a few points at time can be normal-- I personally swing about 4-5 points around particular events I'm engaged around as they wear off. This is normal. Something with high engagement may have fallen out of a 90-day window, or is approaching it, fluctuations in your network or the global network, a combination of all of these things. Your score isn't just a reflection of today and today's activities, it's a reflection of a longer halflife of activities you've taken, your network, and the whole network.


When scores are up in those upper echelons (80+ is fantastic!), the deltas in activity between an 81 and 82, and an 82 and an 83 are much wider, and wider still, than say 50 and 51.  But perceptually users would tend to see the same sized gulf. They all look the same on the score history graph, and that can sometimes be an issue with the way we zoom in.


Scores on the cusp of 79 to 80 have some different rules applied to them, and at times users will see a more major swing as they move out of 80-- but again, these are still fantastic, top tier Klout Scores for individuals (as opposed to brands or celebrities). 




@TylerSi @stevekrohn @edaccessible @wittier 


Thank you for your communication.


After the new "Klout" with its very limited sharing of our network scores being unveiled, I would like to share some concerns..


As you can see all of us here take our Klout, and our scores seriously


I feel we are flying blind.. previously we could tell which of our Facebook posts did well, we could see which Tweets had the most influence.. etc etc..


Now, all we have is a score of 99.9 (or less) and can not tell where this comes from.. 

I feel we have no control over our scores any more, and in your last reply @TylerSi 

was the first mention of the 90 day window I have heard in some time. I was wondering if this still existed with Lithium's Klout.. 


There is a reason why everyone's (including mine) score is tanking.. We just don't know why.. 

I work away from home, so someday's I cannot spent a lot of time on Social Media,

I do try to make this up..


Any more input you can share about what is negatively impacting us would be appreciated..


Thank you  




 @stevekrohn @edaccessible @TylerSi GM everyone.. 



My Klout has dropped .08 over the last 3 days.. Which is a big drop for me.. I am normally very smooth


It almost seems like engagement doesn't positively impact our scores anymore??


I really don't know what to think..



@TylerSi @edaccessible @cindycapo


Regardless of the reason, everyone should know that overnight, my YouTube went back UP from .69% to 3% where it was.   My score went back up to where is was two days ago at 82!  That is a total swing of 1.65 in less than 36 hours.


So, ask yourselves, how is that related to each other?  The only objective view is that they were totally related.  It appears that the data was not being properly analyzed in my view.  Why do I say that?  Because now that it is back to 3%, I am up the .7 I lost yesterday.  I know we are told not to focus on the percentages (and I'm usually not), but this is crystal clear factually.


I know that Eduardo is back up his .50 also, coincidence?  I don't believe in coincidences and there most certainly isn't one here.  The numbers speak for themselves.


Thank you for everyone's input and make it a fantastic day!!!






Thank you @stevekrohn for your insight and leadership.


@edaccessible  You are most welcome sir.   I look forward to future conversations.


@edaccessible and @cindycapo Things certainly seem to have settled down again.  Glad to see it.  How are you guys coming along? 


I am on a downward spiral @stevekrohn

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