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First,  thank you to those who took the time to respond to our survey-- your feedback is extremely valuable and critical to improving Klout. We’re still going through thousands of responses with a fine-toothed comb, but expect to see your suggestions incorporated in future product cycles.


We are committed to providing you with tools and guidance to better understand, leverage, and grow your social presence. To that end, on Monday, April 18th, we will be discontinuing two features that no longer meet our mission:


  • The Network Activity tabs on the Measure Page  will be replaced with a new widget, offering a closer look at your top areas of expertise.
  • Moments from user profiles will be removed.


Keep better tabs on your expertiseKeep better tabs on your expertise

We found these features do not provide relevant insight into the areas of your success and don’t provide added guidance on how to be more successful.  Now, you can see the progress you’re making in specific topical expertise.


Many social products, including Twitter and Facebook, have released free analytics suites of their own that duplicate, and, in some cases, enhance, these efforts. Twitter’s Analytics, for example, gives you a great overview of your social engagement performance and has expanded to include real-time impression data. Similarly, you can use this to customize your top moments through products that leverage Twitter’s Collections API, or simply pin a Tweet to your profile. This isn’t a ticker tape of how your score is calculated, but it is an excellent way to monitor how your content is performing in real-time.


Where We’re Going


Relevance is one of the most important insights we can provide: how well are you engaging and growing your audience in certain areas? Context isn’t just moment-to-moment, engagement-to-engagement, post-to-post. It is also built up over time, encompassing hundreds of features, calculations, and ratios, and we’ll be looking for ways to make this more visual, relevant, and useful.


Klout Topics add much-needed context to that engagement. The Klout Score is a broad, high-level insight describing, at-a-glance, your consistent potential to be engaged. Behind the scenes, Klout Topics also have a scoring algorithm behind them, and you see a product of that in Klout Experts badging, along with the percentages we display. Both the Klout Score and Klout Topics are part of a larger system: your scores aren’t only based on how you and your brand is performing, but how the entire known social landscape is performing. Macro and micro effects have weight.


In the future, we want to deliver more actionable insights and content that will guide you towards building a more relevant and engaged audience.



Devon_Singletary (1).jpegTyler Singletary is the VP & GM of Klout and Consumer Data for Lithium. He is responsible for the operation, health, and direction of Klout’s website, integrations, and data assets, such as, the Klout API, and partnerships with Twitter and others. Tyler has 18+ years of experience across technology, from law firms to startups. Prior to joining Lithium, he led Data Strategy & Developer Relations at Klout . He is a board member of the Big Boulder Initiative, a social data trade organization, and a recognized writer and speaker on data & API ethics and strategy. On Twitter, he’s @harmophone.


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@edaccessible It's getting close but I am hanging on to 82.  I decided to stop looking at the fine details everyday and just worry about the number, like 82.  I wonder how @cindycapo is doing with her score?

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Thanks so much for the insights @TylerSi

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Since I know you're very engaged in your social postings @cindycapo I'd just have to conclude that today's 78 or 79 is what used to be an 80.  And I'd take into account what @TylerSi told us about older signals having less of an impact on scores over time.   I wonder if we know anyone whose score isn't facing a slow, steady decline over time.  There seems to be a trend for many loyal Klout users, but then we might also think that those whose scores are ticking up may not be saying anything about that.   (Quickly, for everyone in the very high score range (77+):  is your score closer to its 90-day high or its 90-day low?)


@TylerSi  I love your insights. I'd note that the expected daily score volatility at Klout ~ 60 is going to be much higher than it is for Klout ~ 80.  Super high scores are normally much more stable than mid-range scores are.  High scores usually vary less than 0.04 in a day, with exceptions, while a much larger swing is very common for a mid-range score.  That said, I'd agree that it's not valuable to over analyze a specific score blip for a high score member, but it's interesting when it happens to a lot of high-score accounts all at the same time, which has happened a few times.


As for achieving a higher score, big picture, I'd say try to see what's being recognized in the algo for people with higher scores like @edaccessible, while noting the general score trend for superstars like him. 

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@wittier  You asked if there was anyone whose score wasn't dropping?  I am at 82 and except for one bizarre day (long story), I have remained at 82.  My philosophy is very simple, I do what I do every day and I let the score take care of itself.  I do not behave in such a manner because I think it will effect my Klout score.  No one knows anything about the subject (Algorithm)... so I stopped trying to figure it out a long time ago.  As soon as I did, my score remained at 82.  My advice is to stop trying to outguess it and engage as you normally would without Klout being in the back of your mind.


@cindycapo  I'm sorry to hear you are drifting downward.  I notice alot of others in the 80s have also dropped about 1 point within the last month or so.  It seems to be a trend effecting alot of people.  Why?  I have absolutely no idea.  Neither does anyone else.  As I said, I honestly believe if you do what you do best, your score will take care of itself.  The minute you start trying to figure it out, you score will drop.  It just happens like magic.


@TylerSi  Thank you for your continued support and information.  You are extremely helpful 


@edaccessible  Hang in there, try not to think about it and see what happens over the next couple of weeks. Are you still trending down at this point? 

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Thanks again @TylerSi

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