Get ready for the new Lithium digital experience.

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You talked. We listened.   

Then we planned, we designed and we developed.  Now we are ready  to go on a new Lithium digital experience!


The community will go under maintenance for a few hours this evening starting around 5pm PST as we prepare to launch a redesigned and re-navigated & community experience. During that time, the case portal will also be unavailable, however you can still email if you require support assistance.


Our goal is to have the Lithium Community  fully functional in the early hours of March 4th, and we will be posting an official announcement later on the 4th.


Thanks for your patience and if you have any questions or concerns, please email or

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Exciting times..... Looking forward to tomorrow :) 

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Looks good overall. You might need to do something about the contrast in your side bar though:


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Overall, it is looking sweet, guys! Woman Very Happy


I've also noticed a few niggling things on this blogpost page:


The kudos button looks ok until you give a kudo, then there is some overlapping



And the Labels navigation is slightly misaligned:





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Beautiful. Colorful.


Where in the UI can I tell when this blog article has been posted?

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Thanks guys for the feedback and passing on these issues :) We definitely have a few more tweaks and changes to do over the next couple days - keep sending them our way! @Claudius  its currently missing, we'll add it back in.




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Looking good, some familar UI elements in this new release that I've seen on some other Communities ;)


What about the mobile version.. no pressure :D

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Thanks @cblown ! Not going to lie, we've definitely been inspired by several of our customers who have done a beautiful job with their communities.


Since mobile v2 is right around the corner, we're not going to be updating the current version - but look forward to the brand spankin' new version soon :)

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Just wanted to call out a UX issue related to private messages. Users are not alerted to new private messages from the top right section where Sign Out and Help is located. A user needs to hover their name before they can see this information. I'd suggest an envelope icon or similar next to the profile name that includes the number of messages.



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Thanks for the feedback guys! The ideas editor display issue has been resolved, and we're currently working on an improvement to increase the visibility & accessibility of private messages.  Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for an update soon!

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