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Getting Serious About Social CXP: Introducing The Lithium Social Strategy Consulting Group

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


We're excited to announce the formal launch of the Social Strategy Consulting Group at Lithium. The establishment of this new team  represents a natural evolution of our company as we look to add key services that help  our customers maximize the value of their Lithium powered social initiatives. Our focus will be on bridging the gap between business strategy and project execution - to help our customers build a reliable model for deploying social customer experiences that deliver measurable return on investment. We've learned a great deal by working with and listening to our global client base, which now is in excess of 300 companies. This gives us a unique perspective on the best practices for building and managing winning social customer experiences and the key strategic elements needed to ensure high ROI and long term engagement with your customers. We want to put that knowledge to work and have already delivered successful results to several Lithium clients.



Why this new service?

We launched the social strategy consulting service for several reasons:

1. First and foremost, many of our customers have asked for this type of service and  recognize the value that this strategic perspective can bring to their business.

2. Our market is in a state of constant change, and we want to help our customers create competitive advantage using the tools and language of social.

3. We will leverage what we learn from our work to make our product offering even better  - something that will benefit the entire Lithium customer community.

4. We want to be the partner of choice for any customer/partner that is serious about social.


Examples of our work

We have already begun  engagements  with several customers, helping them define their social strategy for marketing, commerce, support and innovation. On the marketing front, we are working with a major US retailer to develop a go-to-market strategy for a new community focused on creating long-lasting peer engagement with their customers and store employees. This retailer has been very successful at engaging their customers on a periodic basis (through marketing campaigns) and now we've developed an evergreen program with the goal of driving increased brand loyalty and higher purchase frequency.


On the social support side, we are working with several long-standing customers to help them take their current social support model to the next level. This work involves measuring performance of their existing community, benchmarking against Lithium best practices and creating a strategy for how to improve their overall performance.


Meet the team

Our team brings decades of experience in strategy consulting, social media, monitoring/analytics, innovation, and crowdsourcing:


  • Xavier Jimenez - Xavier is our guy for digital branding, digital marketing and digital measurement best practices. He brings over 10 years of experience working with fortune 1000 retail and marketing customers including Microsoft, Best Buy, T-Mobile, Sephora and 24 Hour Fitness to help them uncover key insights to build brand success.
  • Cesar Castro - Cesar's strategic consulting experience includes business strategy, innovation strategy and social strategy. He has worked with our customers in both the U.S. and Latin America and brings a diversity of industry experience (Pharma, CPG, Financial Services) to the group.
  • Louis Peters - Louis has worked with most of  our top customers in the social support space and brings product management, professional services, and enterprise software experience to the team.
  • Kevin Kendall - Kevin is passionate about customer/user experience design. He has deep knowledge of how to design successful customer experiences across multiple form factors including tablet and mobile. He also brings deep experience in the telecom industry, having worked or consulted for some of the largest companies in this sector.


As businesses continue to recognize the value of the social customer experience to create deeper customer engagement, reduce service costs and increase product sales, the need for a cohesive social strategy is more important than ever. Our team exists to help companies set this roadmap to success. To learn more please contact me at:



jeffsaenger.pngJeff Saenger is Vice President Social Strategy Consulting at Lithium Technologies and leads the social strategy team at Lithium. Jeff brings 20+ years experience in leading service organizations in companies such as Oracle, Siebel and UpShot. You can connect with him on linkedin






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Jeff, where are your female team members? 😄


Good to see you at LiNC!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

This initiative is a great way to validate the business value of a branded community BEFORE committing to the project and the implied transformation. I see this as a strong testimony to the ROI value claimed by analysts and Lithium. I have witnessed ROI going from several hundreds of % to thousands of % for every case I have dealt with. You do not have to only believe the sales team (which is slick and highly trained) but you can also rely on a Consulting Team. We all have only one asset: our reputation.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

what a handsome group

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