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Getting #seriousaboutsocial with YouSendIt

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

YSI logo.pngDavid Lang is the Senior Director of Customer Support, Services & Training at YouSendIt. YouSendIt helps professional users securely share content, sign documents, and access files from any device.


How does your company use social media channels today?

Like most companies, we have a presence on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.  We typically use these channels to amplify our marketing message and share product launches and enhancements.  With over 40 million customers, there is definitely more opportunity to engage with and listen to our customers across other social efforts. Our challenge will be to scale those efforts without incurring high support costs and that’s where we see a big advantage in setting up and supporting social communities.


What is your role in the organization? What are some challenges you face today with regards to social media?  

I run customer support, services, and training.  YouSendIt has a very fast growing free user base and ambitious targets for getting people to take free trials and ultimately converting them to paying customers.   It’s my team’s job to ensure that they have a great experience throughout this process, which improves conversion rates and lifetime value of the customer. For enterprises, we offer 2nd and 3rd level support and my team manages that as well.  We develop training documents and videos for our products to help our customers get the most out of our services; and we’re trying to get all of this content into our Lithium community. Many of our customers are using social media to tell us about their experience with our products and it’s my job to find cost-effective and scalable technology solutions to capture this information.


CS logo 280x197.pngWhat were Cloudsquads & Lithium’s roles in helping you achieve your social enterprise goals?  

We bought Lithium and the Lithium team recommended Cloudsquads.  The pilot project was the initial deployment of the community.  That went pretty well – we surprisingly deployed just ahead of schedule!  The launch was essentially flawless.  We soon came up with a new set of features we wanted to add to enhance the community further.  Specifically, we wanted to 1) integrate search into the contact forms – basically suggest possible answers while someone is filling out the case submission form and 2) rebuild our site status reporting page for customers.  Both of these goals were accomplished in a unique and elegant way that I’m quite happy about.  We have several different types of customers from enterprise administrators, end users, free users, and paid users – and we want them all to have a tailored experience.  Essentially, we really wanted a strong customer experience and looked to Cloudsquads and the Lithium platform to create new customized ways to engage with customers.


What is the impact of this solution across your organization?  

The impact has been great on many levels! Call deflection is an important metric my team tracks. The ratio of support calls that come to our team should be lower than company growth. In 2011, case volume growth was 4% per month.  In 2012, the growth rate was reduced to 2.5% a month – well below the growth rate of the business. Lithium was implemented in December 2011 and we attribute much of this success to the platform and our ability to execute on high value features that really move the needle. Our #1 goal as an organization is customer satisfaction.  Prior to deploying Lithium, we weren’t able to offer any support to our free users.  With Lithium and our customization of the platform with Cloudsquads, we now have various ways to provide assistance to free users.  This results in higher customer conversation rates and retention, and increased brand equity because their positive experience propels them to recommend us to peers and colleagues and pitch us in enterprise conversations.


What’s next?  

We’ve got exciting things on the horizon at YouSendIt.  We recently launched new premium enterprise support services.  Being able to identify the customer type enables us to provide that tailored user experience while on the platform, and provide those advanced services when contacted. For example, one feature we offer is enterprise end-user support and thanks to the flexible Lithium platform and some great work by Cloudsquads, we’re able to recognize these users, give them a unique experience (even branded for their company!), and present them with the appropriate contact phone number. We believe this is a strong competitive differentiator from a service perspective. Since the service launched in early 2013, we’ve already had a few household name customers sign up, and are seeing great interest in the service from other prospects.

This year we’re also looking to really drive community engagement to the next level.  While we have a large audience visiting the site and consuming content, we don’t have a lot of people engaging and telling their story.  We have a number of ideas and initiatives we’re putting in place that we think will help.  It’s all about engaging our customers and enabling them to get the most from our services.

Check out the YouSendIt community.


This interview was originally featured in Cloudsquads' Transforming Social Conversations blog. Cloudsquads, a Lithium partner, helps customers transform social conversations into actionable insights that drive improvements in marketing, sales and customer service.



jack-denise-avatar.jpgDenise Jack is Lithium's Director of Customer Programs and is primarily responsible for showcasing Lithium customers’ success in social customer experience. She has more than 12 years of experience in customer marketing, technical sales and management consulting. Denise is a regular blogger for Lithium and in the Lithosphere you'll see her as DeniseJ. You can follow her on Twitter at @lithiumtech or @denisejack


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