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Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Retired Community Manager



Community managers. They’re the biggest brand advocates and, at the same time, the voice of the customer. I like to think of a community manager as an octopus of sorts, with arms in many different projects.


That’s why we’re excited to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day today, and to recognize all the amazing community managers across our Lithium communities!



Along with the video above, we’re going above and beyond today to celebrate our community managers! Here’s a sneak peek into what we have lined up this week:



CMAD badge_72x72.png

Last but definitely not least, we have a special CMAD badge! Earn this badge by participating (kudoing or commenting) in our CMAD activities listed above. 




How are you celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day? Share in the comments below!



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Wishing a Happy CMAD, all the best 😄



This is really fun and I am honored to have been given it (and I'm not a badge-motivated type of gal). #CMAD was a really fun day and it's still moving through the week and the industry. Maybe Lithium would be willing to share here a report about the ripples that were created this year? Lovely way to show off whacha' got, no?

Topic change (but still reflecting on CMAD):  Love your graphic @Wendy_S here was mine for CMAD representing 38 songs submitted by community managers:



I made the word cloud with


Woman Happy


I love it 🙂


and, I am sure you know padlet. It's a fun tool also to recognize folks 🙂



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