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Introducing: Klout Topic Expertise and International Expansion

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Since Klout joined forces with Lithium in 2014, we’ve all been working tirelessly to imagine what the next phase of the Klout experience could be. Well, friends, that day has come.


We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re excited to begin unveiling a number of enhancements to Klout. In a digital world full of noise, these features bring more context to the Klout Score by helping people make better decisions and creating greater trust in whom to follow and in topics that are most relevant to them.




We’re introducing a new way to discover the most influential subject matter experts on social media. This feature will make it easier for people to make personal decisions based on the right context and with a higher degree of trust, based on the expertise of the people they choose to follow. By adding this new dimension to Klout Scores, we hope to ultimately pave the way for our users to have better, more immersive, more meaningful, and more relevant experiences with brands and each other.


Head over to the Klout blog for a rundown of the key enhancements that are being launched today and how it will positively impact you as a user in the minutes, days, and months to come:

  • Klout Topic Expertise
  • Klout in New Languages
  • Non-Klout User Benefits


The next phase of Klout is here, and it’s going to revolutionize how we perceive and act upon the value of influence. Take time to visit Klout today and, if you haven’t yet registered yourself as a Klout user, there’s no better time than now to join the fun.


"Edu" is working now...other partial name searches that weren't yet working after the fix yesterday are returning more useful results that is an improvement.  Search performance has been variable.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @wittier -- you  should find the Top Experts issue resolved.  Users who have added a topic to their profile for which they are a Top Expert (top 10) will have the Expert flag added in their profile. If you see any others, it's undoubtedly a temporary caching issue from an old data set that has been flushed from a cache.



Thanks for the heads up @JamesL  <--This tagging thing still takes multiple attempts.


I'll share the update...thanks for ironing that out! 


A related question that some have raised again is if there will be a place where Klout explains how a person can be "ranked among the Top 0.1% of people taling about  topic," and have an Expert badge in that Topic, though not be on the Top Expert (Top 10) list for the topic while having a much higher Klout score than many of the people on the Top Expert list for the same topic.


I know that Top Expert lists and quantified (Top 0.1%, etc.) Expert badges are different measures...and I understand..but many people out there feel that it's counterintuitive.


The result for the brand is that they find these instances of what's being reported to them by Klout to be logically inconsistent and not explained well...which gives them doubt about the credibility of the Top Expert lists and the Topic Expertise badges and quantifications (Top 0.1%, etc.).  


(Layer that with some people reporting that a large proportion of the topics that they've been declared to be experts in as being surprising and sometimes just odd or comical, as in, "really, I'm an expert on China?" (plus 6 more unexpected topics)   And the big shift in Expert Topics named (lost many and added many more) that many people observed last week.)


I'm just reporting what I've heard.  


If there were a FAQ that explained this that's linked on these expert pages that might help.  Klout might even want to directly pose and answer the question in user-friendly language. 


I found this page by searching on the Help page for Expert.  It's not listed on the Help page and it doesn't explain that issue.



Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@wittier -- If I understand your question correctly, it basically boils down: "How can someone with a lower Klout Score have a higher expertise score than me?" The answer is pretty self-explanatory: your Klout Score is a composite analysis of the content you create across all topics. Topical expertises are much more narrowly focused, which means that someone with a lower overall Klout Score can  nevertheless have a higher topical ranking than someone with a higher Klout Score. 


This explains the instance you're describing where you're "ranked among the Top .1% of people talking about that topic" (and therefore have an Expert badge) but are not in the Top 10 list for that topic. 


If we didn't do it this way, Barack Obama would be #1 in every topic he created content for because he has one of the highest Klout Scores, which of course would make no sense.


In the meantime, I do know the marketing and support team are working to expand the help entries for Expert pages.


Finally, please expect continued improvements (and therefore shifts) to the overall topical scoring as we move foward. These are moving us toward better precision.




Klout users from the other side of the world report that the send Thanks tweet function is lacking the @ in the twtter name of the person they're thanking in the tweet.  


I have verified that this is the case.


To replicate

  1. Go to the Notifications panel.  
  2. Click on one of the Notifications that someone gave you +K.  
  3. Click the Tweet icon button on the pop up.  
  4. Observe the twitter name with the @ stripped from it. 




So there are lots of tweets to people who likely never see them because without @ they won't show up in the target's Twitter Notifications.


In a previous, recent, and similar issue Klout was putting @@ in the twitter handle.  Then it was corrected to 1 @.  Now it is 0. Paging @Goldilocks. 



@wittier @JamesL Indeed, the search tool is working,though not perfectly, I can once again find people.. @edaccessible is searchable as you say @wittier.. Thank you both so much for adressing this issue...





@JamesL @wittier I am concerned about the first point made by JamesL, "gaps in the data provided by other networks"  Will there ever be any way to correct this? I realize every social network has changed api this past month.. Thank you both 




Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@cindycapo -- It's important to remember that "gaps in the data provided by other networks" will happen regardless of a network's current API version. These gaps will happen for any number of reasons, some of which have to do with the complicated web of user permissions, some of them with bugginess in the network's own evolving code basis (which is very complicated), some of them with hardware glitches that will inevitably happen when you're processing that much data. It would be unrealistic to expect 100% data fidelity from Facebook, Twitter or any of the networks -- and it's worth noting that their SLAs do not promise this from their APIs.


To put it another way, there will never be a way to completely correct this. Heck, data can go missing even while visiting Facebook or Twitter as an end user. That's just the nature of digital data.



Thanks for explaining about data gaps @JamesL.  I don't envy that part of what Klout has to grapple with daily.  


I've observed frequent gaps, particularly from Instagram, in my own account, that persist to this day.  Example: today's June 4 and well after the hour of new KL scores & activity reports posting.  My IG tab reports latest activity as June 1 and undercounts that latest day's posts' Reactions, as it usually does.  I did have IG activity on June 2 and 3, which hasn't appeared on Klout.  This is the norm on my account and the missing data often goes for a week on IG.  I usually wait for it to be a week stale before I send another screenshot to Klout support to document it.  But enough about me. Dunno if this is a separate issue from what James has described or not.  I know that many other users don't experience the same gaps in IG.



Related quesiton, we've observed no one who reports a > 0% score contribution or Network Activity on Klout for FourSquare activity on We've talked with loyal Klout users, with high scores, who visit and understand their Klout Measure reports, who use FourSquare frequently, and have FourSquare connected to Klout.  Yes, it's a small sample size, but brand-loyal users do wonder why all their FS activity never shows up on KL.  

  • Is FourSquare used at this time?




My hat off to @wittier@cindycapo & @JamesL. I have been following each one of your comments and they are right on point. Keep up the good work!!