Introducing the 2014 Lithium Stars

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Last October we introduced the Lithium Stars program, which recognizes Lithium's strongest contributors and advocates. This annual program ran as beta for the past few months with our fantastic group of trailblazers who helped us further shape the program.  I am delighted to tell you that we will officially introduce the program at LiNC this year. You can find out more about it here.


The Lithium Stars program is based on factors such as community participation, level of certification, active participation at Lithium events to name a few. 


The 2014 Lithium Stars will be officially inducted on May 22nd during LiNC'14's Award Ceremony, but I am happy to announce the names on our community today.  Please join me in congratulating:



Chris Blown - Hinterlands

Wendy Schippers - HP

Jason Hill - MYOB

Per Bonomi - Spotify

Tim Lopez -  Symantec

Ditte Korsgard - TomTom

Tim Hanslow - Vodafone Australia

Jenn Chen - Demandforce

Becky Scott - Cisco


Rock Stars

Stephen Fell - TalkTalkPLC

Claudius Henrichs - Skype

Nathan Richards - Alscient



Sharon Reeves - BSkyB

Candace Sims - Sephora

Jared Young - Barclaycard

Bill Gerth - Comcast

Sarah Price - Google

Kenneth Refsgaard - KPN

Mark Hopkins - Lenovo

Mark Nichols - Skype

Margaret French - Sony Electronics

Darren Choo - Starhub

Monty Hamilton - Telstra

Scotty Jackson - Telus

Danielle Beeken - SuccessFactors


Thank you all for the leadership you show in your own roles as well as in our community.  

We look forward to celebrating with you at LiNC!



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Congratulations everyone and thanks to @JulieH 


I am gutted I won't be at Linc to party with you all, have a boogie and a drink for me !!! :) 

Honored Contributor

Congrats to all the stars. Looking forward to the new "Shooting Stars" category next year recognising emerging talent!


I'm really sorry I won't be at LiNC, would love to be there to celebrate and learn from you all.


Many thanks for the recognition @JulieH - I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking I get a lot more out of this community than I put in (insert Wayne's World 'we're not worthy' clip)...



Honored Contributor

I echo @JasonHill 's sentiments! Congrats to all the stars! I look forward to meeting all of you at LiNC!

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Congrats to all those stars around here and thanks for the recognition.


Seems more and more likely we need a European gathering in the near future to make the stars shine here as well :)

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Somehow I hadn't seen this blog till today! Thanks very much. Unfortunately I can't be at LiNC, but I am looking forward to taking part in the programme.
Respected Contributor

Welcome to all the new bright stars :D

Valued Contributor

Well done @PerBonomi!   


(And everyone else as well)

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