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Hello to all of our Atlas members!

2021 is already over, and we’re not even over 2020 yet. But as the year flew by, we learned a lot about customer engagement. 

So, what now? What can we take away from yet another tumultuous year? And what should we expect from the next 12 months — both good and not so good? 

Look, we don’t have a crystal ball. We’d tell you exactly what will happen in 2022 if we could, but we can’t. But we can give you data-backed and useful predictions, informed by CX experts with decades of experience. 

Check out the four customer engagement trends you should be on the lookout for in 2022.

Here is the latest on Atlas you should know about
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Snack Break & Hot Takes: Challenges of managing CX for an enterprise brand
Thursday, January 20, grab a snack on us via Uber Eats and learn from experts in customer experience, brand-owned communities, and digital contact centers. All in 30 minutes! Register today

The Khoros Titans Program
Our Khoros Titans program recognizes those users heavily engaged throughout their journey with Khoros. Gain access to Titans private Group Hub and get help from our most engaged users and product experts.

Conversations, not clicks: Tipsheet
In this tip sheet, we’ve compiled tips for building conversations into your digital strategy from our recent webinar, Conversations, not clicks: How bots and messaging drive revenue.

Upcoming Deprecation of Facebook Data Field
Meta (Facebook’s parent company) notified us that they will be removing support for the limited-use business token data field in Facebook APIs that was available to a select number of partners, including Khoros.

Slack Integration: Private Communities Update
You can now integrate the Slack application with private communities and perform the same actions (search, kudo, and reply) as you can with public communities.

Create Past Events: Versions 1.2 Update
You can now add past events to your community by creating them with older dates and uploading the recordings of the event. 

The Health and Wealth of your Online Community - Part 2
In our world of measuring the wealth Online Community, it is imperative to measure both the quantitative and the qualitative.  

Webinars & Events


Snack Break & Hot Takes: Challenges of managing CX for an enterprise brand
Register today

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Weaving unstructured data into automation and insight 
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Advanced CX Insights Webinars
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Advanced Marketing Webinars
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Advanced Care Webinars
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Advanced Communities Webinars
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Engaging Discussions

How long does it take to generate activity in a community?  @georgestez asks how to increase activity for their six-month-old community, and gets some actionable tips from Khoros Titan and community expert @JasonHill.

What type of community training should you offer employees? How should you go about training employees to engage in a customer community, @MollyBI asks? As our helpful users point out, it depends on the community - but there are some universal best practices you should know.

How do you create employee community guidelines? @max3195 asked for tips on creating theirs. Our members chimed in with clever ideas, and even went the extra mile with helpful examples from their own communities that any community manager can benefit from reviewing.

Top Engaged Contributors
Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @StanGromer@tyw
@CarolineS@calley_oneil@djondinium@Drew_C (another excellent podcast guest), 
@Cloud_Spanner@mdfw, and @EmDunn!

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Happy New Year, all! Hoping for a great 2022 (generally, and also here on Atlas! :-)). Congrats to all those on the leaderboard this month!